Gifted – Review


For this week’s movie review, I will be looking at this beautiful film, one that I advise you to see.

So, being directed by Marc Webb, I had my fare share of questions wether this flick was going to bring audiences a great original story or a complete waste of time. Well, I was wrong, Marc has find his place on the big screen, he should continue to do this drama and type of comedy films ( just like “(500) Days of Summer” ) rather than action or superhero films ( like the awful Spiderman films ).

Nevertheless, the thing about this drama flick is that it tells a very compelling story about Frank, a single man raising his child prodigy niece Mary, that is drawn into a custody battle with his mother. At first it may sound kind of boring and played out, but it is quite different. Instead of the depiction and the conflict that is shown in these gifted persons ( in this case children ) movies by their respective “caretakers”, in this flick, they explore the balance between having the gift and wanting a normal life. Besides that, the background with Mary’s mother brings another glimpse of light to the narrative as it evolves and enfolds.

Also, a huge reason for that powerful story, is the performances, Chris Evans is great, proving once again that he can play a very good character in dramas, Lindsay Duncan, Jenny Slate and Octavia Spencer are amazing throughout their acts. However, Mckenna Grace ( the actress that plays the child Mary ) is downright impressive with her natural representation of every single emotions, developing an enormous chemistry with co – star Chris Evans. In addition, I saw various interviews of them, promoting the movie, and even off screen they have a very appealing chemistry, which raises the legimitacy even more.

Although, another aspect that I really liked about the film and that I think that people don’t notice a lot, is the color and the environment. I mean, the colors are more lighted using the orange as a contrast on the landmark scenes, such as the beach scene, making it very gorgeous and engaging. But also, the close environments, in which I mean the lack of “travelling” display a more intimate narrative and interaction between the characters.

The music was very beautiful as well, perfectly adding to the emotions felt in the special scenes, giving once again that sense of warm in the setting.

But, I guess that the only issue that I had maybe was the “legal part” of the story, in which consisted on the conflict of issues between Frank and his mother in court, that resulted in something, though in the end it ended up meaning almost like nothing.

Concluding, I think Marc should keep making movies of this genre, because he has great directorial skills when it comes to making them. But, in regards to this movie, you will see a gracefull story with excelent performances, alluring music and captivating use of color.

I rate : 7,6 / 10


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