Gotham S03E16 “Heroes Rise : These Delicate and Dark Obsessions” – Review


This week’s episode of Gotham had more stuff going on, even though it was kind of dull sometimes.

On a first hand, the thing that I liked a lot on this episode was the interactions and the partnership that is unfolding between the Penguin and Ivy. I think that Ivy serves better “learning” and staying with the villains than hanging around with Selina and Bruce. But, in relation to their time on screen, at first, Penguin doesn’t appreciate Ivy’s help but in the end after she helps him with the whole situation of the bertrayal of Gale, they sort of agree to make an army of freaks for his comeback and quest to kill Nygma. So, for me, this were the better parts of the episode.

As far as Bruce goes, it seems that the show is starting to introduce the League Of Shadows story into to Bruce Wayne’s life. I think that is cool that they start developing this stage that Bruce undertakes to ultimately become Batman, but isn’t it too soon ? Well, nevertheless, what we saw from this aspect was a Monk that shows Bruce the memories of his parent’s deaths and he sort of is backed against the wall and he only gets out when he faces his past. That kind of cliché. Hopefully, we get into some action to swords. In addition, will Rah’s Al Ghul appear ?

In relation to Barbara Gordon, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with her, her character is so over the top. Ever since, she turned crazy thanks to that serial killer and she went to Arkham, it completely ruined her character. Nonetheless, what she is doing right now is enjoying the throne of Gotham as a substitue to Penguin causing chaos to everyone and everything.

As a last point of the episode, the Court of Owls is build as this unbreakable secret organization that runs Gotham. There is even a tape that Harvey receives that states exactly that. And in this part, Jim goes to Falcone to talk about his father’s death and in some way try to sort of heal past wounds ( related to Mario’s death ). During this dialogue we learn that Falcone has a partnership with the Court and he is happy to stay that way and that Frank ( Jim’s uncle ) was the one that order to hit Peter Gordon ( Jim’s father ). This causes Jim to go talk to Frank with a gun ,always preparing to shot at him if he mada a false step, and gladly, Frank doesn’t lie and admits he is guilty. However, he explained that the reason behind it was because Peter was liability to the Court’s secrecy, this caused Jim’s intervention but Frank did manage to knock out Jim. In the end, Frank goes to the Court of Howls and there , it’s decided that Jim must die. I highly doubt that that will happen though.

In conclusion, this was an overall decent episode, it advanced each storyline and it benefited for great character development. I just hope that it builds the right way. from now on.

Now, what did you thought of this epsode ?

I rate : 7,6 / 10


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