My Top 10 Sci – Fi Movies…So Far

In the last top 10 list that I made, I told you my favourite action movies , so just bare in mind that despite the sci – fi genre being confused a lot with the action one, it is nothing like it. There are numerous examples of sci – fi movies without action. Also, in that last list, I sense some buzz that my choices missed some iconic movies, however, you have to understand that I haven’t watched every action movie that exists and there are some that I don’t see as action movies, but sometimes as sci – fi movies, some of which will appear throughout this list. Enjoy !

Here are some honorable mentions :

  • ET : the extraterrestrial
  • Ex – Machina
  • Edge Of Tomorrow
  • Snowpiercer
  • Her
  • Minority Report

10 – District 9


Watching it at a young age, I surprisingly loved every piece of it. I immediately bonded with the story that turned the typical aliens invade the Earth scenario into a more intimate nature, despite the aliens and the violent environment. For me it was a nice surprise, where I experienced intense scenes, shocking moments, compassionate characters, exciting action, top notch CGI and very realistic sci – fi.

9 – Blade Runner


A sci – fi classic, highly responsible for what the genre is today, solidified Ridley Scott’s talent for cinematic masterpieces. Starring Harrison Ford, this well remembered film, depicts a future world with likeable characters, inovative visuals and unforgettable moments. One big example is the memorable monologue of Roy Batty ( the villain ) on the rooftop with all the rain pouring down on him and Rick Deckard ( the hero ).

8 – Alien


Another Ridley Scott entry, with this sci – fi predator classic, we have the chance to watch one of the best movie heroes ever ( Ripley ) and one of the most scary and menacing monster in movie history ( Alien ). Filled with suspense, realism, great and diverse character traits, a scary environment and intense moments, this film layed down a spawn of sequels and imitators, laying down a big impact on the film industry.

7 – Avatar


The most hyped movie of the last decade, James Cameron created another amazing work of his, known for his computer generated creatures that he specifically waited years for the right type of technology to design the special effects. And the result was not the best movie ever made, but it was definitely one of the most inovative ones. Besides that,
its effects helps the story to improve creating a whole new world that we grow to love.

6 – Back To The Future


Probably, the most likeable movie of all time ! This sci – fi comedy, shows a teenager going to the past in a time machine shaped as a DeLorean designed by the crazy friend scientist by mistake, arriving in a situation where he has to deal with problems with their young parents while trying to go back to the future in the process. I mean, the effects are very well  crafted for what they wanted to make, the fun is one of the strong elements of the film, the characters are relatable and the nuances that they made related to the technology and the fiction of each time dates are very interesting.

5 – Jurassic Park


By far the best dinosaur movie ever, the massive effects on this film still look good today, delivering outstanding visuals. The story is filled with epic moments, explaining every science question raised by the existence of dinosaurs, coupled up with memorable characters and obviously, once again, the CGI and the pratical effects are top notch whenevert any dinosaur is displayed. Another Steven Spielberg masterwork !

4 – Gravity

Sem Títulogdgdg

The most intense and intriguing sci – fi flick I have ever seen, this film won 7 Oscars on the tecnical side including a nomination for best picture,  showcasing one of the, if not the best special effects I have ever watched displayed on the big screen. What they wanted to achieve din’t work so well, since they surpassed that, because they not only created a realistic environment ( space ) giving that claustrofobic feeling but also credible and truthfull characters. Joined with outstanding performances ( Sandra Bullock was even nomiated for an Oscar ), eye catching moments and a powerfull soundtrack.

3 – Interstellar


Created by my favourite director, Christopher Nolan, this sci – fi space flick can surprise you in every way. Probably, taking notes from classic “2001 : Space Odissey” ( a movie that I didn’t enjoy watching ) on regards to its effects and motion, this film can make you happy, sad, disappointed, shocked, angry and many other emotions. Every A list actor that stars in the movie does their job marvelously creating highly memorable and meaningful scenes united with a beautiful score and a clever story, characteristics typical in every Christopher Nolan creation.


2 – Matrix

Matrix background


I think this entry comes nothing as a surprise. It’s true that the Wachowskis produced one of the most original stories  and transpired to the movie universe. Not only the action stands out but also the science fiction is one of the best atributtes of this film. Besides this, this flick dares you to imagine and think about the world and the so called “reality” that you live in, raising mind boggling questions. You know it’s special when a movie makes you wonder your own existence in a believable and credible way.

1 – Inception


Is this sci – fi film, no, it is an action film. NO ! Stop thinking that sci – fi equals technology because it is not, quite on the contrary, look at the previous entry, it is much bigger than its technology. Sci – fi means imagination, transpiring the inimaginable wether by dystopian or inovative worlds or revolutionary perspectives. Many examples are all over the list. And my number one is no exception, “Inception”, similar to the “Matrix”, tells a completely original story legitimized by a veteran cast with names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Marion Cottilard and many others involved. The score is unvelievable with the intense horn sounds, every action or non action sequence is intense and eye catching, each character is different and the cinematography is breathtaking. In relation to the sci – fi aspect of it, the dream concept is much more
intereting than any ideias out there, and Nolan works that in a way that is smart, it makes you think and generate a thought about every point about the plot, it dares you to be clever. Besides, if a movie is so clever that you have to watch it more than once, that’s storytelling.


So, which sci – fi movie is your favourite ?


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