Black Swan – Review


Once again, being today friday, I bring you a review of a movie. And this time, is one not only one of my favourite drama movies ever but one of my favourite for sure. So, let’s get on with it !

First of, this movie’s story is about a committed dancer who wins the lead role in a production of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” only to find herself struggling to maintain her sanity. It looks like a strange plot doesn’t it ? Well, that’s what is amazing about the film. The story is very powerful but it can be bery dark and gritty, however we already know how incredible these two prospects work together, and in this drama flick is nothing close to an exception. Every single element of the story feels real and emotional, the editing and cinematography are stunning to watch and experience and as the story enfolds you get more hooked, reaching the climax with all the right emotion to be able to surpass the mind blowing and epic finale.

In relation to the characters, they were the main source of the emotion that plays apart on this movie, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Winona Ryder and Natalie Portman did an ensemble job. Although, Natalie was the essence of all of the scenes and moments she was in, even granting her an Oscar win, a well deserved one by playing the best character of her career. Despite the cast, the director ( also nominated for an Oscar ), Darren Aronofsky responsible for movies like “The Wrestler”, “Requiem For A Dream” and “Pi” once again proved his talent for creating remarkable cinematic art with his singular directing skills.

The cinematography is marvelous, every shot from a ballet perspective is very well done, and the lighting is used to their advantage making some awesome images and visuals.Β The soundtrack was also another big part of the huge emotion envolved with the project, with Clint Mansell as the main man behind this task, being also envolved with other Darren’s movies and such others like the “Moon”.

In addition, this is for me one of the most sophisticated films I have ever seen, that’s why the story is so compelling and cohesive but also dary and teancious.

As the last aspect, I would like to give attention to the realism of this intense flick, literally every move and step that she does while she dances, you can feel and experience every glimpse of pain that she undertakes when she falls or doesn’t suceed on her act. Massively helped by Natalie’s astonishing performance.

In conclusion, this film can be a little depressive but it tells you a completely original story about the dancing industry ( depicted by a lot of movies in the past years ) but what can work do to a person of this nature, becoming a cameleon for the task in question. It gives you a deep look to the limited or unlimited human mind and body. However on a movie level, you will experience a beautiful movie with realistic characters envolved in a realistic environment with realistic consequences. A must see !

I rate : 8,5 / 10


7 thoughts on “Black Swan – Review

  1. Fantastic post. I love this film so much! The way Aronfsky uses visuals (colours, mirrors) to bring out Nina’s emotional turmoil is ingenious. And Clint Mansell is one of the best film composers working today. My favourite, in fact. πŸ˜„

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