Gotham S03E15 “Heroes Rise : How The Riddler Got His Name” – Review


Finally I have a tv show to review about, and since “Gotham” is a show that is already familiar with my blog, why not ?

So, after the first part of the season was all about the villains, this part is going to be all about the heroes ( according to the episodes titles ) despite this episode being more on the rising of a new villain. The RIDDLER !!! Whose worked well as the first integral piece of the start of this part of the season after all of that madness with the great work of Jerome “Joker”, with such great acting and awesome moments.

Nonetheless, even though this chapter was kind of boring, it’s nice to see that Nygma finally becomes the villain that he is suposed to be, known as “Riddler” ( one of the most iconic villains of the Batman universe ). And overall in this episode, we see an Edward Nygma lost after he killed Penguin, a person that created this persona of his. So, he starts to look for a guide, going on a killing spree trough the great intellectuals of Gotham, from cientists to philosophers, until he finds the one that solves his riddles and becomes his new partner. In addition, his subconscious takes Penguin’s form and haunts him as Nygma does his search, always remind him that he is nothing without the master Penguin. However, Nygma sees that the only way that he becomes a great villain is by having a great hero, in other words, Jim Gordon.

So, he starts a plan to go to the GCPD even sending a guy dressed in a costume just for the fun, but what he manly does is related to Lucious Fox since Jim isn’t around, whose was the only guy who noticed the pattern of the murders that Nygma was responsible for, which I refere to the situation where Nygma asks Lucious all of his riddles while Harvey is attached on a chair about to fall. Lucious tries to backfire with alternative answers but Nygma doesn’t accept them so he drops Harvey which Lucious caughts before falling. As a last effort, Nygma later in the episode appears in Lucious’s car, or maybe in Foxy’s car, realizing that he found who he was, he was the Riddler. In the end, the new villain of Gotham goes to the place where he shot and pushed Penguin,  to feel the view and reveal to Penguin’s form that he is missing him but he has to let go and become his own entity.

As far as the other issues adressed on this episode go, we have the Court of Howls plot, where Jim Gordon goes visit his uncle for some reason and on that destination he founds out more about this misterious Court. It is disclosed that his uncle is a member and that the Court wants Jim as another member. Now, on the city, Bruce is having some problems with his life right now, with his practice, Selena’s relationship and his clone ( created byt the Court of Howls ) is not better news either, who actually attacks the real Bruce and prepares to take his place as the richest  and powerdull kid of Gotham.

Although, the highlight of the episode was the showcasing of Penguin’s whereabouts, I mean all of us knew that he wasn’t going to die, he can’t for the story’s sake. And we see him layed down on a bed, resting, on a room that had as owner noneother than Ivy hersel ( I am very excited to see her on action ) remembering and declaring that he has someone to kill : Nygma.

So, what did you thought of this episode ? Do you think the Riddler was a nice surprise ?

I rate : 7, 4 / 10


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