What I Don’t Like About My Blog


This is a free rant post. Basically, what I am here to say is that right know I am not liking my blog due to one thing: incoherence ! What I mean about this is that I say that I am going to post on a specific day but I end up not posting anything ( sometimes ). This week for example. And the reason behind this, is that I always write late building the pressure and compromising my schedule.

So, the message is passed, hope you understand because it’s not due to school work or something, it is just that I don’t post in time, I can be very inresponsible. However, my new tactic consists on writing before the date, giving me the possibility of posting at the right time. The only exception are the tv shows that I have to write the date that they are released.

Nonetheless, thank you for your time, and sorry for the various days that I didn’t post when I was supposed to. I think it’s time for a change !


4 thoughts on “What I Don’t Like About My Blog

  1. I would not manage it if it wasn’t for the schedule possibility because sometimes I have plenty of time to write stuff and other times I’m really busy. I think you’re doing a superb job!

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