My Top 10 Superhero Movies…So Far

Once again here it is another top 10 list. Now focusing on the depiction of our favourite superheroes on the big screen. Hope you enjoy it !

Here are some honorable mentions : 

  • Thor
  • Kick Ass
  • The Incredibles
  • Chronicle
  • Spiderman 2
  • The Dark Knight Rises

10. Spiderman


If you saw my previous list where I showed you my top 10 action movies, you remembered that I chose “Spiderman 2” as one of my favourites. So, why is the original on this list ? Well, first, action doesn’t make a movie and second, for what it means to me. I grew up watching this flick thousand times and loved every second of it, there is nothing I can’t remember. This superhero film, besides having relatable characters, an awesome heroe and a scary villain, amazing action sequences and memorable moments, it was the reason why Spiderman became my favourite superhero from Marvel.

9. Guardians Of The Galaxy


Coming of as a surprise, this film proved just how Marvel can produce marvelous ( see what I did there ) movies about basically any source material that they have, even if it is unknown. In addition, when you have extremely likeable characters, fresh and cool action, epic moments and one liners and an enjoyable movie overall, you know you are in for a good ride. Props to Chris Pratt for getting in that muscular shape for this unexpected hit.

8. Deadpool


Come on ! Like this rated r bang wasn’t going to be on this list. There is no way you are going to see movie and leave feeling sad or disappointed, quite on the contrary, you will get home and wish to see more of it. The undeniable jokes and humor are perfectly fit on the narrative and the dialogue, the characters are more than likeable, the action is beyond awesome and despite the story being one dimensional ( revenge plot ), it’s still a well spent time. Give your maximum effort and go watch it if you haven’t already.

7. Iron Man


The launcher of the MCU, this superhero film is one that you should watch. Robert Downey Jr. showcased  his acting skills in a superhero role, for the first time, and it couldn’t be better couldn’t it, his portrayal of the character is one reason only to watch this flick, that is how good it is. Adding great visuals and effects on the action, a hooked narrative and unforgettable moments, it is just the icing on the cake.

6. X – Men : Days Of The Future Past


For me, the greatest “X – Men” movie yet. This film featured the return of director Bryan Singer back to the franchise, developing a film that, basically, erased that awful “X – Men : The Last Stand” rebuilding the epic aura from the first two movies. On this take, you can see all of the characters from the sequels and the prequels ( the old versions and the new versions ), delivering the wanted feel of the X – Men, accompanied by incredible moments and scenes, an exicting story, mesmerizing visuals and chilling feels all over the place. The quicksilver scene is going on the history books.

5. Captain America : The Winter Soldier


What a surprise this was ! Personally, I was never a big fan of Captain America, I think he was very boring, however when the sequel came around I couldn’t believe what I saw. I mean, the plot was very eye catching, the fight scenes felt very fresh and cool, the characters were more interesting and I got to see a more menacing villain besides Loki. Nevertheless, it made me like Captain America, which by that time it was very difficult to do.

4. Logan


A very recent movie, this take on our favourite adamantium mutant takes on a more humanized time of his life, where mutants are basically extinct until he crosses path with his unkown daughter. I didn’t think that this movie was going to suceed in the scale that it did, but in the end I loved every piece of it, since the diversed characters all the way to the gruesome action set pieces, this is a great goodbye to Hugh Jackman. Aside from that, Laura is a f*cking badass character !

3. Captain America : Civil War


It was only this close (-) that this film didn’t reach “The Avengers” scale of epicness. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make it less enjoyable, it actually feels like an Avengers movie due to the quantity of characters that are involved. And with a movie with so many personalities, you would except some sort of disconfort when it comes to following the story, but thanks to the well development of each character with their separate films from the MCU, it works just fine. Beyond that, the action is freaking stunning, the plot is convoluted but understandable, the villain is decent, each character shines on his own way and it even showcased the introduction of Spiderman on the MCU.

2. The Avengers


An instant superhero classic ! This film broked barriers on the superhero / comic book genre by combining our favourite heroes and display them on the big screen. I cannot emphasize enough what this movie represented and what it still represents. I will just say this : Epicness is the big giant step to reach sucess.

1. The Dark Knight


Not only my favourite superhero movie of all time, but also my favourite movie ever. This superhero flick, part of the trilogy with the same name, takes on the Batman story and turns it ( just like in the rest of the trilogy ) into a more realistic vision. The characters are prodigious coupled by a fascinating cast that gives unbelievable performances, the narrative is enormously tremendous, each moment and scene is unmissable and it’s just amazingly well done. Additionally, when you have the best portrayal of the Joker ever ( which is saying much ), you know the movie is good. And just like “Spiderman”, this film is the reason behind me loving Batman ! I seriously advise you to check it out ASAP if you haven’t already for any strange reason ( have you been hiding in a cave for the last decade ? )


So, which superhero movie is your favourite ? Is the superhero featured in it your favourite too ?


One thought on “My Top 10 Superhero Movies…So Far

  1. Great list! My top 3 would be The Dark Knight, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Unbreakable (if that counts). Perhaps, I’ll slot in Darkman and Punisher: War Zone somewhere! 🙂

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