Rant Of The Week – Can Wonder Woman And Justice League Save The DCEU ?

YEAH, I know that I already failed on posting ! But, you have to understand that I had to organise this new concept of this new series and I am not exactly free, but for my blog I do everything, so let this be the only exception. Without furder ado let’s go ahead with the topic in question.

Now, I am perfectly aware that this matter was way more talked about back when the “Justice League” trailer was released, however since this is my first editon of the brand new “Rant Of The Week”, I guess I could bend the rules and discuss a subject that I really want to share my opinion about. So, can these two destined to be movie hits really regenerate the DC Cinematic Universe ?

First, let’s look at “Wonder Woman” :

This trailer ( first one ) took over the world with its epic characters, nonstop action and interesting story. Obviously, based on the DC superheroine of the same name, this film looks to be well crafted for what it is expected and the trailer speeks for itself. Although, the trailers don’t always mean anything ( ex: BvS – even though I enjoyed it ), this may well be another one of those cases but I hope it isn’t. The director of the movie is the same director of the movie “Monster”, responsible for an academy award win for Charlize Theron, besides that the cast looks very good, the action sequences look sharp and the story seems somewhat of cohesive narrative.

Concluding, in my viewing this superhero flick may well turn fans on the other way around when it comes to DCEU’s current projects. Besides, have in mind that this is going the very first film ( at least on today’s standards ) to adapt a comic book about a female superhero, and who not than the mighty Wonder Woman.

Second, let’s now take a look at the “Justice League” :

This is the one that scares me ! I really think that Zack Snyder should just get away from comic book movies and try to work on a different genre, because for me I see him as an art director not necessary a storyteller. The cinematography is perfectly there but the rest, not so much. Though, with this awesome trailer, you sort of think that they maybe learned from their mistakes and tried to change the concept, for example the mood is more comic and funny, the characters look more soften than dark and they even put more color on the scenes. Not that I had any problem of that, as a matter of fact, this different approach is the thing that separated Marvel and DC the most. But, I can say that the tone is perfect, not to much but not to less either.

In particular, Batman looks as awesome as ever, Wonder Woman looks powerful ( …and pretty ) and amazing, Aquaman looks f*cking badass, Flash looks very funny and cool and Cyborg looks alright I guess. I mean, here is the problem that I have with him, I feel like he isn’t the right superhero to be part of this iconic group yet, for example I would consider Green Lantern way faster than Cyborg. Still, maybe they thought that Green Lantern deserves to be introduced with his own movie and not just come by despite being super cool being able to see him with the others. Erasing that awful 2011 adaptation !

Just the thought that this universe could be built like the Marvel one – introduce the characters before the big showdown with all of them – but what DC is doing is trying to catch up to Marvel and by doing that they are injuring themselves instead of their big “enemy”. If they would just focus on building their source material in several movies, the number would still rise and Marvel wouldn’t do anything about it. Also, in that way, the DCEU would still continue after Marvel’s phase 3 ends, but….

In conclusion, this is a movie that I assume that is going to be better than BvS in terms of the tone, the characters and hopefully story, nevertheless this could still be another flop. Let’s just hope that the DCEU “forgets” 2016 and grows in 2017 !

So, what do you think of this question ? Can these big superhero flicks save the DCEU ?


8 thoughts on “Rant Of The Week – Can Wonder Woman And Justice League Save The DCEU ?

  1. Totally agree with what you have written here! I am rooting for Wonder Woman to be great, I’d love for there to be a sequel! Also, Zack Snyder has made DC films look absolutely beautiful I think, but as you say, I don’t think he has much talent regards story-telling and plot.

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  2. I have high hopes for Wonder Woman, given Patty Jenkins’ involvement. Then again, I love David Ayer, and look what he did to Suicide Squad! Haha.

    As for Justice League, my exact sentiments! I’m excited to see the team in action, but Zack Snyder’s directing style is way too chaotic for my liking. Hopefully, he will prove me wrong this time.

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  3. I really wish Wonder Woman turns out to be good. 🙂 I liked everything I see so far from the trailers. I wasn’t particularly interested with her character prior to BVS, so I’m curious to see how they’re going to tell her story here.

    Also, you mentioned something about Zack Snyder stepping away from comic book films. I agree that he is a very visual and stylized director. You can say all you can about BVS and Man of Steel (I loved MOS by the way!), but Watchmen was the bomb! I loved how he adapted that comic book. He maintained his visual style, but at the same time, did a fantastic job telling that story. I’m really hoping Justice League turns out to be great because I really want him to get back from the backlash that he received from BVS, which in my opinion, is not entirely his fault.

    Great post by the way! Hope to see your review of Wonder Woman when it comes out. 🙂

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    1. Believe me I also enjoyed BvS and man of steel but as if right now i think is in the best interest that he steps away from the DC Universe. For the sake of the fans and the source material. Eitherway thank you for your comment and I will be sure to post the Wonder woman review right after it releases. 🙂


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