My Top 10 Action Movies…So Far

It’s been a long time since I have done a top 10 list, but as you know thanks to my new schedule, I am going to give it to you one every single saturday ! And I am not going to fail once, only if something very bad happens. But now let’s just focus on this list, that ranks my favourite action movies of all time.

Here are some honorable mentions :

  • Aliens
  • Apocalypto
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Skyfall
  • Battle Royale
  • The Avengers

10. Fast Five


To start it of, I am giving you the best, in my opinion, “Fast and Furious” movie ever. The nonstop action was unreal, are you kidding me with that chase with the stolen vault, awesome ! Besides, just to top things up, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson makes his debut on the franchise delivering more epic action in the process.

9. Spiderman 2


Undoubtedly, the best Spiderman movie so far, at least before “Homecoming”. On this film, our favourite web slinger takes on the evil Dr Octopus which suprisingly managed to showcase some amazing action sequences, more cool than the ones with the Green Goblin. From the bank heist scene all the way to the train stopping scene, this superhero flick showed us some stunning visuals and fight strings that made us not want to flip the channel.

8. Minority Report


The only Steven Spielberg movie on the list. This film evokes my interest in terms of the action mainly due to its intensity. Being a movie lived on a distant future where a technology named “Pre – Crime” exists, a creation that predicts crimes before they happen, the right sort of action is used. The scenes are conspicuous, energetic, deep and very intense, crafting well action set pieces that favor the plot in a lot of ways.

7. Kick Ass


An action more gory than the one we are used to. This film is highly regarded for its unforgettable characters, funny antics and cool fight and action sequences. And the most impressive aspect about it is the realism and amusement that envolvs every action set piece, having the music as a great ally for the comic felt tone.

6. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes


It is very surprising that a franchise where apes turn on the human race and control the world manages to work, having a coherent plot and relatable characters, more precisely apes. And it is great when you make the audience actually cheer for the apes instead of the humans, even though in this movie, you had the good ape and the bad ape which kind of turns that idea. Nonetheless, another reason why I love this film is the action which thanks to the remarkable special effects you can sense its realism and come on, who doesn’t love to see monkeys riding horses shooting guns at everything little single human that they see.

5. Captain America : Civil War


For me, my favourite Marvel movie from the MCU, takes the the middle spot rightfully earned. I really don’t need to say anything, since anytime that these epic superheroes join together, what they always create is magic and imaginable entertainment. Besides that, the great action that they produce is magical too, wether between two main characters or side ones, every one has its own ability that can deliver awesome sights and eye catching fighting. Giving props to the exceptional airport sequence.

4. John Wick


I know ! Probably “John Wick : Chapter 2” was better. However, the thing is that, believe it or not, I haven’t watch the second one yet. So, this is the one you are going to get. Not that it is a bad entry, quite the contrary, there isn’t any movie that delivers more realistic action as this film does. Keanu Reeves finally founds his perfect character, being able to transmit his pain and anger to the point where you compare the persona with its own actor, that is crazy right ? In addition, the soundtrack is the suitable music that you want in an action flick, specially, one that protrays fighting in a wholesome way.

3. Terminator 2 : Judgement Day


Of course, James Cameron had to be in here ! Remembered for its epic one liners, this sequel delivers on both the action and the characters, filled with awesome heroes and a menacing villain. Despite that, the memorable moments come from the action sequences, or coming from the machine gun of Terminator or the crazy silver powers of the evil T Β – 1000. The visual effects for that time were very good, specially for what they wanted to acomplish, giving that sense of futurism attached to the story. Don’t worry, this flick will be back, because “Terminator” is a franchise that I ain’t done talking about.

2. Kill Bill


The most gory movie of Quentin Tarantino, which is saying much, just as expected after reading what I said, gives the life of one of the movies that it is impossible to be bored at while watching it. It is astonishing to realize that the third act is the most incredible piece of movie art that you will ever see on your life. Wether you like action or not, the well crafted coreagraphy, funny moves, insane gore and fun moments make up for it. Also, the fact that it is so graphic, it maintains the realism of the fight, giving you the feel of the pain that everyone is enduring, uniquely, the Bride.

1. Mad Max : Fury Road


How could not be this one ? I mean, this masterpiece, right after I watched it, it instanly became one of the best movies I have ever seen. And the main reason behind it was the preposterous action, which let me tell you, that it fills the entire movie, meaning that the story is hardly developed, though the bizarre thing of this is that in the end it works perfectly. The characters are epic, Furiosa takes the freaking cake instead of Max for her will and power, benefing the film. However, yeah, the story wasn’t that great if you think about it, although for the action and the vision that they wanted, the story was enough and rifghtfully build. Now, in relation to the action, you can’t stop wondering how they pulled of the outstanding work that they had to undertake doing these impossible stunts and set pieces, having just ( almost ) pratical effects, except for some specific parts, but the action itself was complete realism in its own realistic way. And that’s the beauty of it all, George Miller, I don’t know how are you going to top that with the sequel, but bring it on ! P.S : If you haven’t seen this flick yet, I recomend you to watch it, but preferably in a huge screen with the volume a little louder than usual.


So, what is your favourite action movie ? Which do you like more from this list ?



10 thoughts on “My Top 10 Action Movies…So Far

  1. Interesting list! Nice to see SM2 and T2 there as well. Off the top of my head my favorites are The Last Crusade, T2, SM2, Fury Road, Kingsman, Kick-Ass, 13 Assasins and Ghost Protocol. From the MCU, my picks would be GotG and The Avengers.

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  2. My top 10 live action-action films of all time off the top of my head would be

    1. Man of Steel
    2. Batman V Superman Apocalypse
    3. Avengers
    4. Spider-Man 3
    5. Captain America: Civil War
    6. Captain America: Winter Soldier
    7. The One
    8. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation
    9. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol
    10. The recent Jason Bourne film.

    I definitely need to catch up on the Fast and Furious series. I’ve seen the first one, but I think that’s it. It definitely sounds like the series got real fun as it went on.

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  3. Fantastic choices. Personally, I prefer the action in Winter Soldier to Civil War, but they are both brilliant. πŸ™‚ And as someone who obsesses over 80s action films, I might add Die Hard, Escape from NY, and Lethal Weapon!

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