The Matrix – Review


If you remember well, the last time I done a movie review, it was for the “Oscar countdown”. So, I decided to take a few years back…and review a film that left a mark not only on the sci – fi genre but also in filmmaking in general ( leaving the ruined sequels out of the picture ).

This flick is, basically, the dad of the sci – fi genre with its grandparents being the Wachowski’s brothers, visionary directors that went on to create a bizarre but groundbreaking project named ” The Matrix”. Known for its complex plot, awesome characters, breathtaking visuals and action pieces and moments that blow everyone’s minds.

The cast is well chosen, with names like Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie – Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving that put on great performances, being my favourite ,the Morpheus character with his epic dialogue and killer moves and attitude. Giving props to villain, of course, Agent Smith is one hell of a manipulator, besides his cloning transfiguration thing is also pretty unfair but very cool to see.

In relation to the soundtrack, this film is filled with amazing music and sounds that gives you the right vibe that the film wants you to feel. Mostly cool and an eye catching mood.

In regards to the CGI, it’s way ahead of it’s time, that’s another reason why this movie is so innovative. Whist practical effects have a lot of use, the special effects play a huge part of the movie, creating insane visuals and set pieces. We have many examples, the scene where Neo finds out the truth about everything, the scene where Trinity and Neo fight against the Agents on the rooftop ( bullet dodging scene is f*cking epic ) and the final fight between Neo and Agent Smiths being the main ones. Even though, I could just go on and on and on. In addition, the coreography is done to perfection, you can’t possibly be bored when a fight sequence comes on, specially, with well crafted slow motion attached to it.

As far as the story goes, there is a reason why I left this for last. In a more basic way, the story is about a computer hacker , named Neo, that learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers. It’s really weird that the “chosen one” cliché works so well in this flick, but some argue that this is was the real creator of that same cliché. Besides that, the depiction of the apocalypse theme is once again used in an era that it wasn’t as “normal” as it is now, being more of a benefit for the film, and also there is an unique way that this theme is worned. Instead of the overused end of the world caused by zombies, terminators, global warming consequences, world ruled by apes or even nuclear wars, this movie represents the theory that we are dreaming in a world that it is not real and that reality itself is us being manipulated and controlled by machines. And in this world, it exists a highly convoluted plot where there is massive points that you have to be as attentive as you were when you saw “Inception” ( a movie that based on the “Matrix” in case you didn’t know ). As a curiosity I specially, loved the pill scene, setting the begining for this complicated story making the audience even question themselves about what would you choose if you were in that same situation as Neo, would you have the courage to face the truth of your own existence or would you keep your own reality and live in it ?

In conclusion, this sci – fi epic is beyond ambitious and idealistic, giving us a new prospect of the “real world” while raising the questions about our reality and how can all of this be a projection or an ilusion of what really is ( pretty f*cked up right ? ). Aside from that, this flick also produced one of the best movies ever made with its mind boggling narrative, astonishing visual effects and unforgettable characters and moments.

So, have you watched the “Matrix” yet ? What did you like the most about it ? Which pill would you take ?

I rate : 8,5 / 10


9 thoughts on “The Matrix – Review

  1. I actually don’t fancy this movie that much. To me it wasn’t very entertaining, but it might have to do with that the first and only time I watched it was due to a school project so I had to take notes during the movie and think about different things I had to bring up. I probably need to give the movie a second chance. Superb review! 🙂

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