The Walking Dead S07E16 “The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life” – Review


So, the TWD’s season finale has come and they delivered relatively well for the season that it was. In my opinion, this whole season ( while still delivering cool and intense moments ) was all about character development, wether for the villains or the heroes. And this recurrent improvement of each character traits managed to work pretty well, empowering a lot of them in the progress, but I will get to that later, for now let’s start with the review.

The first shot of the episode already gives us a hint about the notion of the whole situation, Sasha is going to play a big role. In relation to the shot itself, it not only gives us the impression of a claustrifobic feeling attached to it but also a need to escape felt by Sasha herself. However, it exists first thoughts for something, right ?

So, as the plot is starting to advance, we are taken back to the Dwight situation where Daryl, backed up by Tara, nearly stabs Dwight’s right in the eye. But, as Daryl is inches away from piercing the blade to Dwight’s eyeball, he takes Daryl to a spin through the reason why Dwight did what he did and why Daryl escaped when he was imprisoned by Negan. Eventually, the intensity stars to lower down as Daryl backs way from his desired action and Dwight comes up with a plan to stop the Saviors, which consists in ambushing them when they come to take supplies, buying some time by chopping some trees and putting them in the middle of the road. And even though there is some trust issues between the group towards him, they decide to head with the plan.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom members are showcased as well as the Hilltop later, but focusing only on the first ones. These are ready to lay the first strike on the Saviors, but Morgan still with his stubborn rage, is stopped by Ezekiel that tries to knock some sense into him. He basically tries to say that he can’t erase the whole “old Morgan” and that only working together they can win. But more importantly, Ezekile clarifies the insecurity of Morgan in relation to what he represents and what he is as an individual, declaring that he is not stuck, he needs to do what he needs to do as a unit and use that power in Ezikiel’s quest against the “capricious malevolence” of the Saviors ( nice line right ). In addition, I am so happy to see Carol back.

Now, moving on to the main part of the plot of the episode, the Scavengers start to arrive and some jokes are cracked, like the one where Jadis says the he is going to “lay down” with Rick after the huge calamity between the two forces. And speaking of these two, Eugene is actually going to to try to be the peacemaker here, but he fails miserably since the first thing that Rick orders is for Rosita to blow a bomb right in the front of the gate but…..nothing happens. And BOOM….the Scavengers are all over the place pointing the guns in our heroes’s faces. I was not expecting that ! Then Negan gets out of the car and gives all this irritating ( but kind of funny ) monologue in which he calls all sort of things to Rick while threatening the lives of everybody.

Although, this is the beautiful part, something crazy happens. Flashback backwards* Negan tells that he is going to Alexandria to kill 3 people from Alexandria, but Sasha manages only a deal where only one gets killed*. In this point, you know that Sasha is going to be the one who dies. How about another flashback* Sasha asks to go in a coffin where she claims that she is going to sleep asking for a bottle of water and taking the mp3 player that Eugene gave her ( but also the suicide pill )*. Now by this point, you become more and more sure that she was going to kill herself in order to save the others. Yet, I didn’t talk about the most crucial section of Sasha’s story, which is the thoughts that she has with Abraham, where they are a couple, a thought that exponentially serves to show the future of the group while also reflecting on the past. In other words, there is an interaction with different characters ( two in this case ) in different multiverses ( death / life ). Also, their chemistry and compassion is terific that make this a proper goodbye for these two formidable characters, giving more emphasys to Sasha of course. Accompanied by some beautiful and meaningfull music !

Nevertheless, as Negan is about to open the coffing, there it rises Sasha as a walker that quickly falls up on top of Negan, giving the chance to Rick and the others to retaliate. Sasha did manages to get one Savior. But ( so many buts in this episode ) still reveals not to be much, because in the end Rick and the others get injured, including Rick thanks to the b*tch Jadis, causing again the kneeling of Rick ( and Carl ). Very nice to get that memory of the first episode, it ends how it begins. The only difference is that on this case, after Rick gives one hell of a monologue against Negan declaring the death of Negan and all of his followers and the tension is built towards Carl’s death, BOOM, Shiva brutally attacks one Savior from behind and all hell breaks loose as the Kingdom and the Hilltop appear and fire shots against all of the Saviors and Scavengers that dare to walk by. I must say that this came out as a relief, I seriously believed that Carl was going to die, not that I care a lot about him really, but still. So, all of this woe resulted in the retreat of both the Saviors and the Scavengers, and of course, some minor deaths ( fortunately Michonne didn’t almost die too ).

Then, in the final scenes, Negan asks Eugene if he doesn’t have anything to do with the suicide of Sasha, in which this coward bastard denies. Added to that, Negan declares war.

While, our heroes, bury Sasha and Maggie valorizes not only her sacrifice but also what their family means, truly giving the perfect finale, with the perfect tone, plot and development. Mentioning the bond between Rick and Michonne and the note left, presumably by Dwight, that Daryl found stating : “Didn’t Know”, so he still wants to kill Negan.

In conclusion, for this fairly reasonable season full with Negan scenes and communities interactions, all of it was in favor of character advancement. We saw a more empowered Morgan with his evolution as a person adapted to this world setting, Rosita with her will to fight, Maggie with her solid and mature attitude, Ezekiel with his realization of the truth, even Rick with his now broken mentality that he has the control of everything and last but not least, Sasha, a character that it was just there and that it became the focal part of a season finale regarded for her courage and sacrifice to protect the ones that she cares the most about. A truly beautiful and intense episode ! Raising a lot of questions for the next season. But, hey, at least it didn’t end on a cliffhanger like last time, right ?

So, what were your thoughs while watching this episode ? Did you enjoy this season as whole ? Are you excited for the next one ?

I rate : 8,3 / 10

RIP Sasha


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