The Walking Dead S07E13 “Bury Me Here” – Review

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I miss doing TV reviews, and why not start with one of the best tv series in the world right now ? So, TWD has been very tense with all this communities being very hostile with each other, however with this episode I think it consolidated the huge event that is bound to happen in the season finale. It’s true that TWD has a big issue when it comes to produce episodes that benefit the plot and the characters in a more effective way, noneother than the premieres and the finales, but this one is an almost perfect example of that. You can argue about the pace, but by TWD standards, this episode had a very fast pace.

Now, it’s clear that this episode focused on the Kingdom community. Nonetheless, it managed to move the plot by showcasing the mind change of Ezekiel, Morgan and Carol in relation to the “war”.

First of, the focal point of this chapter was another exchange of resources between the Kingdom and the Saviors, in which then caused all the physical calamities. Richard, a character that I thought to be someone that would be somewhat important in terms of his abilities in the fight against the Saviors, ended screwing up by taking one melon from the scheduled food suplies. All of this hoping that he would be shot ( since the Saviors said that if anything wrong happened in one of this transactions again he would be the first to get shot ) in order to open Ezekiel’s eyes and convince him to join the others and fight the Saviors. However, who took the bullet was Benjamin ( for me another character with massive potential ) that caused a very surprising and guilty look on Richard’s face.

So, after they agreed to bring another melon, they took Benjamin to Carol’s house resulting later in his death. Then, Morgan goes crazy having all type of flashbacks and visions out on the street, almost cutting his own wrists. After that, Richard and Morgan have a conversation where the first says that he was the one supposed to die and that Ezekiel needed to join the fight, but the most important to take out of this dialogue, was the constant retraction that Richard felt towards doing anything against the Saviors, inclusive, telling Morgan about the death of his daughter. Morgan didn’t seem to keen about the discussion, so later, when they met to give the supposedly missing melon, he beat and strangled Richard to the pulp. He told Ezekiel Richard’s plan and told the responsible of the Savior’s items transfers ( I think I can call them that ) that the Kingdom is going to do anything to keep the good relationsip between the two communities. I must say that Morgan’s action was understandable but at the same time a little drastic. As a “funeral”, Morgan stayed behind and buried Richard in the hole that had a board that said “Bury Me Here” ( name of the episode ) being part of the then failed Richard’s plan ( sort of since he did get buried ) right aside his daughter backpack that then Morgan found – Kathy.

Afterwards, Morgan goes to Carol’s house to finally tell her what happened in Alexandria. After Carol visited him in the Kingdom earlier in the episode and asked him about the situation. He tells her about all the deaths that Negan was responsible for and immediately Carol starts getting very emotional reaching the verge of tears, but she stops as she prevents Morgan from giving in his urge of going outside to kill them all. And with this reveal, Carol goes to the Kingdom and explains that they need to fight, in which Ezekiel replies positively but says that not today while he and Carol helps grow back the crops. Crops that had to be burned due to the possible contamination of the main garden, another little pressure that pushed Ezekiel in changing his mind. In the end, Morgan is showed on Carol’s house , in what he appears to be sharpening his stick meaning that he his more than prepare to kill !

In conclusion, this episode wasn’t a filler because it actually had an advanced character development that changed the whole vision of the prospect of this conflict communities. Cementing the fighting position of the Kingdom, but more specifically, Carol, Morgan and Ezekiel. Besides this, the whole experience was tense and eye catching with very good directing skills transpiring the various shots with the emotions of the moment in question attached to them, though really, the characters were the key for this chapter of the season. Hope we get more build up on the next episodes ( specially with Negan ) culminating, in my viewing, on the declaration of war on the season finale !

What were your thoughts during the episode ? Did you enjoy it ?

I rate : 7,8 / 10


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