My Top 10 Underrated Movies…So Far

This time, as an introduction, I will just say this : “Mediocrity is underrated” by Mary – Louise Parker.

Here are some honorable mentions :

  • Atonement
  • Eastern Promises
  • No Pain No Gain
  • Where The Wild Things Are
  • The Bridge Of Terabithia
  • 127 Hours

10. The Intern


I don’t know why, but this movie received some hate by critics and moviegoers. I think that, despite what they say, De Niro’s performance was diferent but it was nice to see him take another role and what better than an old man working as an intern in a communication company. Grappling topics like cheating, death, workhorse and life itself, this is a film that came as a pleasant and refreshing surprise for the audience. Besides Anne Hathaway does once again an outstanding performance.

9. Shaun Of The Dead


Easily one of my favourite comedy movies ever ! This zombie flick has an awesome story arc and a main cast that set their names in this very film. Even though the critics aprecciated it, in general, I feel like the home crowd don’t exactly know this thrilling joyride. Being responsible of the releases of “Hot Fuzz” and “The World’s End” years later, two other impecable movies with the same main cast. This is the horror comedy that not only the zombie fans but the casual moviegoer.

8. Spy


Another comedy, Melissa Mcarthy finally finds her steps and delivers a very funny flick. Joined with a rich cast with names like Jude Law, Jason Staham and Rose Byrne and with hilarious action, you have a great recipe from an action comedy movie. So, I assume that people just didn’t give it many attention due to the fact that it was just a lame Melissa Mcarthy comedy, but I say to you now that it is not. Remember “Heat”, it is as funny or even more.

7. Lion


This one, as you know, it is a very recent film. “Lion”, according to the review that I made, I said that it had a beautiful story that needs to be showcased to the world. And the way that it was displayed in the film was so gracefully and gorgeous being the music it’s stronger attribute. Nominated for the Oscars and not winning any was a real shame for such a powerful movie that transpired such an imense emotion to its viewers. Very underrated indeed !

6. Apocalypto


Mel Gibson has proved time and time again that he is a much better director than an actor. And this film is another evidence of that. Its tribal theme may not be the most attractive thing ever, but I think that everyone should invest in this exciting story. It joins the wild with the most beautiful, wether with the characters or the environments. A must see !

5. Ex Machina


It really pisses me of that this film is sometimes misunderstood ! Most problems that people point out is that the story is too dragged on with a slow pace attached to it accompanied by bland characters. However, if you pay attention and think more about it, this movie means more than what is showned, raising the question : what makes us humans ? Focusing more on the humanity than actually the scientific aspect of it. Creating an open ending which is always cool to have. Appart form that, the performances are great and it is a sci – fi movie with such an authentic nature linked to it. Check it out again, but this time with a different perspective, then you tell me what you really saw.

4. Shame


Mostly overlooked because of its sexual content, this drama flick, threats a sex addict that when his sister reappears in his life, it makes him refflect about his affliction in relation to sex. This leads into extremely sensible sequences and intense moments that gives you the vision of what this part of life can react in some people. Michael Fassbender delivers a performance that many actors wouldn’t be able to do, creating a very disconfortable film in terms of its subject but that portrays this reality in the most realistic way possible.

3. Brothers


Have you ever heard of this movie ? No ? How ? When you have a cast composite by Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhall and even Tobey Maguire, you can see the sucess but in this case it wasn’t that noticed. With perfect performances, giving props to Tobey Maguire which is very unpreciated nowadays, delivering a “scary” and f*cked up story about the effects of war. Another experience that can’t be unseen !

2. The Prestige


How does a Christopher Nolan movie makes this list ? This film is filled with exceptional actors like, Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall and Michael Caine and with a diverse story about magic littered with small twists that turns the narrative into a magical adventure. You would think with this idea, you would have a acknowledged film, though it is not what happened being overshadowed ( unfairly ) by Nolan’s other great pictures.

1. Disconnect


This is it, the “mediocrity” ! In my opinion, the most underrated movie of all time,  this film takes several apects of society, social exploration, social acceptance, prostitution, the press, bullying and finally the response to those situations. Every actor shines in their own way providing magnificient performances, each story is relatable and compelling and the character development is perfect. Culminating in a huge finale, expressed with only one scene in slow motion with the most fitting music ever ( you can see it, if you wan’t to be spoiled, in my post of “My Best Scenes…So Far” ). I must confess, that I didn’t think I would be that invested in these three stories, but the matter of fact is that I will never forget these episodes of the real life. Neither should you ! Watch it !


So, which movie do you think is overlooked ? Have you watch any films of these list ?


One thought on “My Top 10 Underrated Movies…So Far

  1. I must say that this time i didn’t like what i wrote grammarwise either, i don’t write like this since my first post. I was weird i guess, but thank you. 🙂


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