My Top 10 Moments Of The Oscars 2017


So, the Oscars was yesterday and the overall review of it all was…..strange ! Some unexpected winners won certain awards, people entered the hall in live TV and many controversies occured. Let’s see what exactly am I talking about.

  • Jimmy Kimmel was even better than Ellen ! The Matt Damon heat is still gold !



I personally love Jimmy Kimmel ! He is a funny down to earth guy, he does great segments and has the biggest heat of Hollywood with Matt Damon. And in the most important night in Hollywood, he kills it with various funny jokes ( mostly related to Trump ), with entertaining clips, with moments of fever between him and Matt that were very welcome and even the Oscar version of “celebrities read mean tweets”. So, pick Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Rock or Neil Patrick Harris but Jimmy Kimmel for me was a fundamental part for this Oscars creating many memorable moments.

  • Β Worthy winners…..or not !



In relation to the winners, I can characterize all of them by saying this, diversity. Yes, “La La Land” won 6 Oscars but the other categories were varied picking different movies and I liked that. Specially, when Viola Davis and Mahershala Ali won both the Oscars for supporting roles, they are the most deserving of this awards. BEAUTIFUL speech from Viola, made me tear up a bit. HOWEVER, not getting in too many details, because there were nominations that shouldn’t be up there and ones that do ( *cough Amy adams for Ruth Negga cough* ) there were also winners that generated some controversies and one of them is Casey Affleck. Who, due to allegations of harassment made in 2010, got vilified by some people, being one of them Brie Larson. Just look at her, she didn’t even clap ! I mean, I think that he deserved the award for what he did in the movie, but if truly this scandal is true, this is a career ending event. Even Denzel seemed to be disgusted by it, wether that or he was pissed as hell for not winning which if it is the case, it is a terrible attitude from him.

  • Tourists “barged in” the hall during the ceremony



Similar to the 2014’s edition of the Oscars where a man went into the main hall to deliver a pizza, this time, Jimmy decided to bring a group of turists, that thought that they were going to an expedition of some sorts, into the auditorium. They interacted with actors, Jennifer Aniston gave a woman her sunglasses, Denzel “married” a couple and they even spoke a little chinese with an asian couple. It was very funny ! Another Oscar moment for the books.

  • The Oscar goes to “La La Land”…. wait “Moonlight” !



This was an utter humiliation to the “La La Land” crew ! I mean, how can you mess up the envelope ? Besides, Emma Stone was the name wrote on the paper not the movie, so how can you not sense any type of error. Sure, Warren Beatty noticed something but…they still messed up. Big fail ! And it had to happen on the most prestigious prize of all. Jimmy is the clear representation of what was through our minds in that moment. But despite this incident, I was very happy that Moonlight got the award because just like I said in my review of it, it is one of the biggest experiences that I had this year and I felt that it was the most worthy for Best Picture gold. Though, in my opinion, the downfall of it all was Lion not winning anything ( even Fences won something ), an underrated flick for sure.

So, overall, this was a fun ceremony with unforgettable moments but with some controversies put in there too, nonetheless, I hope next year is even better !

What did you think about the show ? Do you agree with me in some points ?


8 thoughts on “My Top 10 Moments Of The Oscars 2017

  1. Well that is definitely a sour face from Denzel Washington. But, as you said, I’m not sure he is disgusted by who won the award or pissed because he didn’t. I didn’t know anything about the Casey Affleck allegations, I just read about them.

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