My Predictions For The Oscars 2017


So, since I already finished the “Oscar countdown”, it’s time to show you my predictions for this years edition of the Academy Award’s ceremony. But before I do it, let me just take a few notes. This year’s nominees were more consistent in terms of what they had to offer, in contrary to last year that it had highs and lows. Now, on a more confine way of looking, I think that the Academy didn’t know what to do when it came to select the contenders to the actor pods, because they didn’t nominate names like Amy Adams, they didn’t took of Ryan Gosling and put Dev Patel in the leading role and they didn’t exclude Meryl Streep ( they just nominate her for what she is, not because of her specific performance, which is very bad for the other aspiring actresses ). And, overal, they didn’t know what to do in almost all of the sections generating a lot of controversies. But, let’s forget that for a few minutes and check my predictions for this years Oscars.

Best Writing ( Original Screenplay ) :

  • Manchester By The Sea

Best Writing ( Adapted Screenplay ) :

  • Moonlight

Best Visual Effects :

  • Doctor Strange

Best Sound Mixing :

  • La La Land

Best Sound Editing :

  • La La Land

Best Short Film ( Animated ) :

  • Piper

Best Short Film ( Live Action ) :

  • Sing

Best Production Design :

  • La La Land

Best Music ( Original Song ) :

  • “City Of Stars”, La La Land

Best Music ( Original Score ) :

  • La La Land

Best Makeup And Hairstyling :

  • Suicide Squad

Best Foreign Language Film :

  • Toni Erdmann

Best Film Editing :

  • La La Land

Best Documentary ( Short Subject ) :

  • Extremis

Best Documentary ( Feature ) :

  • O.J.: Made In America

Best Costume Design : 

  • Jackie

Best Cinematography :

  • Arrival

Best Animated Feature Film :

  • Zootopia

Best Director :

  • Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge

Best Actress In A Supporting Role :

  • Viola Davis, Fences

Best Actor In A Supporting Role :

  • Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

Best Actress In A Leading Role :

  • Emma Stone, La La Land

Best Actor In A Leading Role :

  • Casey Affleck, Manchester By The Sea

Best Picture :

  • Moonlight


I don’t know why but I have a feeling that I am going to be very wrong with my predictions. And, frankly, I hope that that happens because there are some selections that I made that I don’t agree, so maybe the Academy will be more smart this year. Also, endind the post and just going to get some rest of this crazy week, I think Moonligh for me was the best experience that I had in this countdown ( and trust me I loved watching all this movies and making this amazing reviews that by my standards were taken to a whole different level ), so I really think that it is going to win the prize for Best Picture. I will be back monday with my top 10 moments of the ceremony.

But now, for you what is the thing that you don’t like about the nominees this year ? And which movie do you liked the most ?


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