La La Land – Review


Here it is, the final review of the Oscars countdown, the most hyped movie of the whole Oscars. That is why I left it for last. On a first thought, the hyped that I had for the movie wasn’t that big because I was sure I was going to see a movie that delivered what it actually did, so, it didn’t disappointed me. But, it didn’t surprised me either.

First of, the story is a musical about a jazz pianist and an aspiring actress that fall in love.

I must be honest, musicals don’t always work with me because I found it too dumb and strange as it messes with the reality and the realism of the film. Nevertheless, the songs    ( being the most focused subject in the movie ) were very strong and touchy, not to mention the dance which was also a very good touch. So, in terms of the vocal and artistic point of the flick, it was fantastic and it should be since the advertising was all around it. My favourite lyric was the “City Of Lights” which was very catchy and beautiful if you listen to it, specially, with the voices of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

Now, in relation to the director, this being the brain behind “Whiplash”, a film that surprised me a lot and that in comparison to this movie, it was much better for me. So, being the great filmmaker that he proves to be while being very young, just like in “Whiplash” he touches the musical material of the picture and makes it into something different than you expect when you go to a concert or a theater. Besides that, he is now known for his calm and silenced scenes that bring intensity and dramatization to the moment. He did it with “Whiplash” and now with “La La Land”, despite doing it better with the first one.

In regards to the performances, Emma Stone proved again why she is one of the best young actresses in Hollywood and she hasn’t deserved an Oscar more than now. She has a beautiful voice with funny antics to her character but severe and thoughtful characteristics too. Also, Ryan Gosling does a pretty good role too, but it doesn’t ascend into a performance that it is Oscar worthy. Many roles that he did were very look a like this one and it didn’t introduce anything new to his library of characters.

The plot itself developed well even though in the beginning it progressed to fast. The love is more manifested through the music, instead of a cliched story, but it is still not enough to not make it silly or corny. Yes, some representations of the emotions transpired by the coreographys, visual flares ( stunning cinematography ) and the lyrics can be really alluring, but it is still very decadent in the films of today. This type of movies don’t exist anymore but not because of what is about or what it showcases to the audience, but because of the nature of the film. Musical films this good aren’t made anymore !

Although, what I liked the most about this diverse flick was the final part where years have passed and the reunion between them takes them into the beginning of the story, passing through their biggest moments but seen in a different perspective ( with an optimistic perspective ). Leading the audience to a possible twist, but instead gave an ending that from a movie like this, you would expect a happy one but a very realistic one came in its place. Since, you know, love isn’t working anymore with all of this couples breaking up. Besides, the unexpected is always welcome when you are watching a movie.

Concluding, this film is the musical of musicals with very good performances, diversed story and beautiful directing. Still, it doesn’t qualify as the best movie of the year, since I didn’t felt that hooked with the musical parts and the story felt a little stale in some instances of the film, not to mention the lack of focus on the character development in where it jumped in points in life that should be showned. Seriously, I would take “Whiplash” over this any day ! The hype is too much and when something becomes overrated it is never good to that “something”.

What is your opinion towards this catchy romance story ? Do you think it deserves to win the Oscar for Best Picture ?

Nominated for : Best Picture, Best Actor In A Leading Role ( Ryan Gosling ), Best Actress In A Leading Role ( Emma Stone ), Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Directing ( Damien Chazelle ), Best Film Editing, Best Music ( Original Score ), Best Music ( Original Score ), Best Production Desgin, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Writing ( Original Screenplay ).

I rate : 7,9 / 10


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