Manchester By The Sea – Review

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Damn, this years nominees for the Oscars are good ! Just like the image above says, this movie was a masterpiece. I am surprised that so far I haven’t seen a movie from this countdown series that was boring to see, but it isn’t too late, I haven’t seen all of them yet. Nonetheless, this is about the “Manchester By The Sea” movie , so let’s get right to it.

Firstly, this film had a similarity to “Moonlight”, which was the level of intimacy that it was shot. For me, those are the movies that I considered the most realistic, but I won’t get to that just now.

Foremost, the story is around an uncle that is asked to take care of his nephew after the boy’s father dies. It’s that simple, but it isn’t.

The cast, for me, was filled with the right set of actors which are for me mostly underdogs in terms of what they accomplished in their careers ( except for Michelle ). Being composite with Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler and upcoming Lucas Hedges, they created a story that the audience cared about and felt need of a realisation. Michelle, just like she is everytime she appears on the big screen, is out of this world with the little time she has in the movie granting her the Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. Now, in relation to Casey, he has made a name for himself the moment everyone watched his character portrayal, turning his name from “Ben Affleck’s brother” to “Casey f*cking Affleck” earning him an Oscar nomination for best leading actor. So, the performances were phenomenal, seriously, there are three Oscar nominations for this cast and there are only three characters that make a mark.

Another aspect that I noticed was the soundtrack, which appeared everytime it needed to appear. And by this, I mean that every music that showcased in the film knew when to be showcased and what type of it too. So, the music was spot on, giving more life and sentiments to the scenes.

In regards to the melancolic narrative, this was a very strong point, since the writers managed to crack a story that felt never seen before ( or at least for a long time ), a story that made you feel and fell for the characters, a story that deals with death in a different but sensible way and a story that gives you a reflection of how life can change in a heart beat turning out to a completely unexpected reality.

However, in my perspective, the strong point of this impressive drama flick was the realism of it all. I mean, the awkward moments felt through the characters connections, the reactions seen between them as they acknowledge a certain event, the bond shared with particular characters ( family members, friends or love friends ) is distintive as it is in real life, the rootine of their lives were pragmatic and last but not least the emotional part is remarkable. One example of all this points that I pointed out is the scene where Lee and Randi reunite and they sort of tied loose ends and she even confesses that she still loves him, now that was beautiful.

In addition, this movie manages to include some issues that are current in our society like the relationships between teens , sex, divorce and even depression offering more fervor to the plot.

Although, I must say that I didn’t like the fact that Patrick had two girlfriends and there was no complication to that, I  also thought that they could explored more Michelle’s character and even though it got to do with the pace, there was times that nothing happened really.

Conclusion of it, this was a powerfull film that despite minor little problems, it created a strong and realistic narrative accompanied by robust characters that produce profound moments. So, in the end, just like “Moonlight” this flick gave me a very good impression leaving me reflecting more about the whole experience. Hope the Academy sensed it too.

So, what are your sentiments on this melodramatic flick ? Was it too sad or was it just a true representation of reality ?

Nominated for : Best Picture, Best Actor In A Leading Role ( Casey Affleck ), Best Actor In A Supporting Role ( Lucas Hedges ), Best Actress In A Supporting Role ( Michelle Williams ), Best Directing (Kenneth Lonergan ) and Best Writing ( Original Screenplay ).

I rate : 8,1 / 10


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