Ben Affleck leaving Batman Role ? What is he thinking ?!?!


This is crazy !!! How can Affleck be this selfish ?  Just last week, I covered the fact that he was leaving the director job of the Batman stand alone movie, however I understood the reason behind it. He felt like he couldn’t do it, it was too much pressure, he wanted to make sure the fans like the representation of the Batman in this one of movie. But now, he wants to give up being the cape crusader, that doesn’t make any sense.

Nonetheless, this can also be just rumours. You well know that modern media is all about controversy matters, and this particular subject gets people talking. Wether it is or not, this situation causes massive problems for DC Cinematic Universe.

According to many sources, Affleck allegedly spoke with Warner Brothers Studios about not playing the Batman character anymore, but there was no reason exposed. Maybe it is because of the pressure of the fans or maybe it is due to the bad criticism, but the truth is that this atitude from him is very sudden and strange, it doesn’t look like him at all. Besides this, it is also alleged that if the studios deny his request, he will play the role of the Dark Knight until he is done shooting the Batman film.

But this is still awful, what about after the Batman movie, I mean, just imagine changing to another actor portraying the Batman character where an extended universe is just building up. These are the kind of circumstances that, besides the rough critics and the lack of appreciation of the movies by the audience, are destroying the universe.

In the end, wether this is true or not. After all Ben hasn’t even spoken about it. This is a huge issue that needs to be treated right way to clarify the fans about what is the future for the DCEU, but more specifically, the forthcoming for the Batman character.

What did you think about this rumour ? Do you think is true or not ?


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