Moonlight – Review


What a movie ?! Let me just process a little more….so, as usual, the Oscars are filled with intense movies and this one is a great example of that.

At first, I had this idea that this movie was about racism, you know being that ,unfortunately, “black movies” are almost always about racism or some kind of stereotype imposed on them. In addition, my sister even told me that the film adressed the topic of the homossexuality, so I expected a cliched type of movie ( those kind of movies are getting boring and to overtalked by this point ). However, I was wrong and I mean very wrong.

Before I say anything else, the story is about a young black man named Chiron that, from childhood to adulthood, struggles to find his place in the world while growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami.

See the synopsis, that is the plot, a black kid that as he grows up, he has to endure bullying, drugs ( his mother was an addict ), finding himself in the world and most importantly realising his sexuality. In all of this, he has one refugee, he’s friend Kevin that since his childhood knows Chiron.

My thought was that the homossexual issue was going to be the main focus of the movie but it wasn’t at all. This movie is about social acceptance, not only due to his secret desire, but his place in society. So, in that perspective, I am glad that they did use idea because it made this flick feel different and more refreshing.

As far as the performances go, all of them were good. Naomie Harris and Mahershala Ali were outstanding and even the actors of the evolution of the character were very professional and talented. The cinematography was very realistic and done brilliantly and  as you may know, the thing that I most appreciate in a film is the realism that is shown in it.

In relation to the narrative, I liked the idea of portraying the character in three different stages in life : childhood, adolescence and adulthood. On the first phase, you see a kid that has no idea of what is life in terms of how to survive with the environment that surrounds him, then on the second phase, he struggles to pass school, find out what role does he play in society and how he feels with himself and the third phase, he kind of discovers what he is doing on the social body but he “meets with the past” making him rethink about his whole life up until that point. Also, another aspect that I found interesting about this topic was the reference to those three standing points in life with names that the main character was called : 1 – Little, 2 – Chiron and 3 – Black.

Last thought, I want to talk about the chemistry shared between the two actors and characters. Regarding the actors, they had perfect chemistry in all of the laps, though in a story mindset, they really shared a bond making believable the love attraction that it was starting to slowly ammount between them. From casually fighting, to being touched for the first time, to recieve obligated pounches and to, finally, opened themselves and realising what they feel with each other. This is a realistic relationship that had a great development and a decent climax to it.

Now, the only issue that I could have had with this movie was probably the dragged on scenes that were filled with unnecessary stuff ( sometimes ), but nothing that created a huge problem while watching it.

Closing in, this a beautiful flick with a refreshing plot and a new way of dealing with black characters giving us a new vision of how the social acceptance question can be a massive dilemma for some people, specially, the ones that have difficulties in life. A film packed with admirable performances, formidable actors, intense moments, realistic narrative and dinamic cinematography could be the picture that walks way with the award for Best Picture on this Oscars ceremony.

So, have you watched the movie yet ? Did you like it ? What were your thoughts ?

Nominated for : Best Picture, Best Actor In A Supporting Role ( Mahershala Ali ), Best Actress In A Supporting Role ( Naomie Harris ), Best Cinematography, Best Directing ( Barry Jenkins ), Best Film Editing, Best Music ( Original Score ) and Best Writing ( Adapteed Screenplay ).

I rate : 8,2 / 10


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