My Top 10 TV Characters

For this top 10 list, take atention that I only chose characters from the tv shows that I followed and follow, but the good thing is that I watch awesome series. I decided to just stick to the tv because in a movies parameter it would be too complex and there is just too many iconic characters to fill only 10 spots. Let’s get on with it then !

Here are some honorable mentions :

  • Rick Grimes
  • Ash Williams
  • Matt Murdock ( Daredevil )
  • Jessica Jones
  • Cam Tucker
  • Schmidt

10. The Flash – Barry Allen ( Flash )


How about starting the list with a superhero, and not just one tv superhero, but the superhero of television. It might have came after “Arrow” but it made a much bigger impact that became one of the best tv shows airing right now. Its credit comes a lot, of course, due to the Flash character which shows to be charismatic, courageous. strong, persistent, helpful and proves to have that heart of a hero, well transmited by the actor Grant Gustin.

9. Empire – Lucious Lyon


This character has a more darker side to him in comparison to Barry Allen, mainly because of his manipulative and selfish way of acting, but that it is what makes him so compelling in some ways. However, due to such a suberb acting by Terrence Howard, he can be one of the worst persons you could find, Lucious is that guy who is capable of surpassing his own family for his own self purpose.

8. The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon


Declared the most awesome character of TWD series, Daryl is not only the most awesome killer of zombies but the most charismatic on the show. I personally like him because of his crazy badass gimmicks, brutal kills, funny dialogue and the most relatable character for me ( if I were in the zombie apocalypse ). I mean who doesn’t love to be the badass in a zombie apocalypse world ?

7. Gotham – The Penguin


Not a very aprecciated show, “Gotham” delivers in many ways and the Penguin is one of them, slowly becoming the biggest thing on the show. The performance is perfect for a younger Penguin and without him the show wouldn’t be where it is right now. He is known most notably due to his exaltive actions and reactions but also his sadistic side when it comes to getting his hands diry. Besides that, as of this moment, he is one of the best tv villains. Al hail the King of Gotham !

6. Empire – Cookie Lyon


Another Empire character ? Are you impressed ? How come ? This show is full of such eccentrict characters with completely different personalities. And Cookie is the most relatable and daring character on the show, wether she is the overprotective mother that everyone loves or the baddest b*tch that everyone loves. From beating people with a broom to humiliate people with an excessive dialogue, she is reason I love to watch the most musical of shows.

5. Lucifer – Lucifer


When this show aired, from the first episodes I wasn’t too keen about it all, however as the story progressed it got way better. The main reason about it came from the soul of the series, Lucifer’s character played by an impecable actor in such a charming and classy manner. If it was a year ago I would never thought putting this character on the list, though thanks to his big development, it managed to impress me in a such mesmerising fashion that I say that this show is Lucifer and only Lucifer because he steals the show everytime. ( the other characters are awesome too though )

4. This Is Us – All Of Them

This Is Us- Season 1

This is cheating I know. BUT the winner here is the chemistry. About the time I first start watching it, I was hooked since the moment that the twist from the first episode hit. I watched the other episodes in two days, that’s how the narrative pulled me in. In relation to the characters itself, not even one feels superior or better than the other, the heart is in the chemistry shared between them and not one show captions and grabs that idea better than this one. It’s not because of nothing that this series is the best ones on tv right know, these characters make you feel things that you would never think of.

3. Game Of Thrones – Jon Snow


Of course you couldn’t have a top 10 list of tv characters without one from GOT and who better than the bold Jon Snow, who is the most lovable hero on tv. Kit Harrington portrays a great role that, in my opinion,  is one of the best role heroes to be shown on the small and big screen. This type of person is imposible to exist, the will, the courageous aspect of him is huge, the heart of a leader, the charisma, the wisdom, the compassion and the tenacity is unbearable. There is no hero more heroic than him. He may know nothing but we know everything about him !

2. The Simpsons – Homer Simpson


My favourite adult cartoons are the Simpsons, every character is different in their own way, but the most dumb and unconventional has to be the family man Homer. He is a drunk fat funny stupid man who makes the best moments of the show with his catchphrases, goof antics and iconic movements. Put that with a protective Marge, geek Lisa and push over Bart ( not to forget guest appearance Maggie ) and you have the perfect tv family. Why you little Matt Groening !

1. Game Of Thrones – Tyrion Lannister


It could not be any other than your favourite GOT character, Tyrion Lannister played by yours truly Peter Dinklage, is the best character in my view. More than a good man he is a fighter for the justice and he undured a lot. He got sworded in the face, humiliated multiple times by the tyranic King “Justin Bieber” ( hahaha Joffrey ), sentenced for murder by his own father, betrayed by his whore girlfriend and exiled to, at least, a place where he finds peace and meets the great “Mother of Dragons” Daenerys Targaryan. For this and many other moments, we growned attached to his funny but smart actions becoming the most relatable character on the show. So everytime a GOT comes out I desperatly want some Tyrion to be in it, hope he doesn’t die till the end, don’t you DARE George Martin our favourite little man in television !!!


Now, what is your favourite tv character ? Was it on the list ?


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