Ben Aflleck not directing the Batman solo movie ! Matt Reeves is ?


Why Affleck ? WHY ?

Apparently, recently, Ben Affleck has announced that he will not be directing the Batman solo film.

Due to many of the sources, the reason behind it comes because he feels that that there are certain characters that are very special in the eyes of many fans, so being him directing these it is needed focus and passion giving the best performance that he can ( his words ). He also said that he can’t make two jobs on the level that “they” ask, so alongside the studio, Ben is going to try and find a director that will work with him on the film . He is fully commited to the project.

The rumors of an alternative director comes in the form of Matt Reeves, known for titles like ” Cloverfield”, “Let Me In” and the massive “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes” ( and the upcoming sequel ).

In my opinion, I think that it is a fair choice to do on regards to Ben’s decision putting the effort only on making the Batman character look great, however when it comes to Matt becoming the director, I really don’t know what to except. I mean the movies that he has done are good, specially the “Planet Of The Apes” franchise, but still I don’t know if he is the right one. Although, you never know maybe he will be a surprise or won’t even be the chosen one, eitherway I am very excited for this film and can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

What are your thoughts in relation to Ben’s decision ? Do you like Matt Reeves as the potential alternative of being the director of this movie ?


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