Shutter Island – Review


Since Martin Scorsese released the movie “Silence” recently , I decided to do a review of one of his films which, surprisingly, I never saw it until three months ago. Nonetheless, without furder ado, let’s get this b*tch rolling.

First I’ll tell you that for me, when Scorsese and DiCaprio make a project together it is already confirmed to be a tremendous flick, and this one particularly blew me away !

I mean, when a movie messes with your mind with twist after twist, you know is a work of art. Also, when that final moment hits you, you start to laugh of how they managed to trick you like that during all the experience.

This flick took place in 1954, where a U.S. marshal investigates the disappearance of a murderess who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane. At this point you get the feeling that is going to be an awesome movie, though, it grows to become a mirage of that considering you call it a masterpiece after living it.

Of course what helped this whole gimmick was the star power actors and, obviously, the directors and the writers behind it with massive performances, huge relation felt with the characters ( specially Leo’s character ), perfectly placed events as this deceptive narrative evolves, intense and shocking moments and, lastly, the huge f*cking twist.

Actually, I was watching it with my sister at the time whose already watched it before, so whenever I reacted to some of the “weird” moments, she started to smile knowing that I was falling for it all. Now, despite the twists, what I really liked too was Leo, he was then again an outstanding actor that made us believe in him throughout the whole plot and then when the insanity came out in the open, we all felt it too seeming like we became him since we reacted to the truth just as he did. Besides, we cheer for him all the time, we just get to a point where we get mad as he doesn’t get of the damn island, reaching the climax with a mouth opening reaction.

In conclusion, my first impression was of an awesome detective movie with two great actors leading it, as well as a cool “villain”, in a misterious island. However, what I got was a big ploy of insanity, which managed to work utterly well mainly because of the talent behind the full work. In addition, I always like a movie that explores insanity in people and how can it manifest in everybodies minds, and in this case, it transpired the madness to us – the audience – , and you know a film is good when it makes you feel something, specially, something crazy !

I rate : 8,4 / 10


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