My Top 10 Worst Movies…So Far

This time is for real, I am FINALLY BACK, and I am here to stay ! Now, to clarify why I was absent, let’s just say that sometimes life drags you down a little bit ( but nothing to worry about ). Without furder ado, what you are about to read is my list of the worst movies that I ever saw, excluding parodies since those films are supposed to be bad, so let’s get started !

Here are some honorable mentions :

  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  • Green Lantern
  • Fantastic Four ( 2015 )
  • Batman Forever
  • Smurfs 2

10. Blade : Trinity


To start things of, I chose a film that was an unnecessary sequel and a bad one. Now, I loved the first one, and the second one was still very cool since Guillermo Del Toro was involved, though the third one was just an afternoon saturday movie, with some good action. For me it was a disappointment and a waste time really.

9. Twilight Saga


Before you get the wrong idea, I don’t hate the whole Saga because there are good moments ( specially in the last movie with the huge fight scene ), however there are issues that are pitiful. For example, the number of cliches are huge, from a love triangle to a bland romance story, the characters seem to have no personality, the performances were bad ( Kristen Stewart’s mouth was her whole act ) and then there were small touches that ruined the rest of the movie, like the the “shining vampires”. A huge example of a book that is not movie material.

8. 50 Shades Of Grey


Not only the movie was bad but the books were awful too, so from that point foward you already predict a poor experience when you go see it, in addition, this film was only made for the popularity that circulated around the books so rush into a production and don’t work on the plot or characters. And that is exactly what happened, the characters were dull, there was no plot, in real life there would be different reactions towards each action of each character and the so promised sexy scenes in the book were not even sexy so. Big flop !

7. Ghost Rider 2 


Just like the third Blade movie, but much worse ! Let me tell you that I never felt that I wasted my time more that I did watching this film. In relation to the first one, I was little and I really liked the portrayal of the character, so I let that one pass, but when this one arrived ( uhhh…. ), I was surprised that they even made it since the original wasn’t even good to most of people. Just a waste of time !

6. Catwoman


One of the worst comic book movies ever, comes in a form of such a formidable character like Catwoman, how did they managed to do that ? When I saw it for the first time ( back when I was younger ), I really liked it, although what I didn’t know back then was nothing about CGI, character development as well as performances, fight scenes and the DC Comics’characters. So, basically, I didn’t know that everything that I referenciated above was garbage in this flick, but the last drop was the non connection with the DC Comics Universe, specially, Batman. Also, Halle Berry won a Razzie, you know something is very wrong when that happens.

5. The Last Airbender


As you may know from my previously list of my favourite cartoons of all time, this title is in the top 3, mainly because of its relatable characters and compeling story. Well, this M. Night Shyamalan adaptation was a slap on the face to every fan ( including me ), mostly due to the waste of such good source material and turning it to a complete parody. With shamefull special effects, atrocious performances, bland characters and lousy narrative. So, Shyamalan don’t make any other adaptation of anything, ever !

4. Dragonball : Evolution


I was never a big fan of the “Dragonball” tv show, but this is just like the “The Last Airbender”, an unacceptable adaptation of a very popular franchise that didn’t need to go to the big screen and didn’t deserve to have that end. But, contrary to what I said about the TLA, this film was way worse seeming at times like they are trying to parody the show with bad written characters, stupid action, corny plot full with cheesy cliches. When you see it, you start to wonder how many money did they had to pay the actors to be in this horrible excuse of a movie.

3. Son Of The Mask

'Son of the Mask' starring Jamie Kennedy, Alan Cumming, Traylor Howard and Bob Hoskins

Can you imagine watching a movie that looks like a cartoon ? Well, this is the movie that you need to see ( not ) ! For the kids, is perfect, but for an adult to watch it, is a terrible ride. Also, you start to think how did they made it, watched it and still released it. Jim Carrey is Jim Carrey, don’t recast ( or maybe don’t even make a sequel ) !

2. Jack and Jill


I absolutely HATE Adam Sandler !!! He is the worst comedy actor ever to step foot in Hollywood ! I literally could make a whole list of the worst movies of Adam Sandler that I would not only fill all the spots but still had more to fill ! This is the personification of the WORST comedy ever existed ! This is just Adam Sandler giving excuses to put all sort of jokes, from fart jokes to sexist jokes. Not to mention that sad Al Pacino performance. Adam Sandler get OUT of hollywood, is about damn time !!!!

1. Batman and Robin


It is a shame that the worse comic book / superhero movie is a Batman film. Despite that, this flick deserves to be bashed every way possible ! This movie has gone to the case that it is so bad the it is so good, over the years, it has become more of a comedy movie than a superhero movie and I blame Joel Schumacher for this devil’s work. Gladly, Nolan saved the franchise later, but it doesn’t make you forget the mess that it became in the first place. Tim Burton did great, but then Joel appeared with “Batman Forever” and this monstrosity making the characters look cheesy as f*ck, the villains look like a f*cking joke, the performances were hidious, the casting was awful, the stages were full of bright colors looking like a f*cking kids park and the sequences were laughable. I was shocked when I see it, I didn’t even know it existed, but that’s how it should be – buried away like it never happened ! Unfortunately, something this bad cannot disappear from our minds.


So I hope you liked this list, I am sure there are more horrible movies out there that I didn’t mention on the list, but may I remind you that I rarely watch bad films, only when I am watching tv when ocasionally one appears. Now, in your opinion, which movie do you think deserves to be burned and buried in solid ground ?


7 thoughts on “My Top 10 Worst Movies…So Far

  1. I’ve seen Pride, Prejudice and Zombies and Smurfs 2 maily for the actors that were in those film, but thanks for the list. I’m definitely going to say away from the ones you’ve mentioned. Also, I think Independence Day: Resurgence should earn a spot in the hororable mentions. It’s horrifying.

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  2. I think not watching a lot of bad movies is a good thing to do. Trust me, there are a bunch of terrible ones out there. Unfortunately, I’ve seen many more than I’d like to think so it’s still pretty tricky. Off the top of my head I’d say

    10. Mama

    9. A Bucket of Blood

    8. Captive Wild Woman

    7. Island of Lost Souls

    6. After.Life

    5. Voodoo Woman

    4. The Innocents

    3. Secret Garden

    2. Disturbia

    1. Sucker Punch

    I gave all of those films a 0/10 and have a bunch more as well. Ideally I like to think that I’ll never see another film quite so bad again, but they manage to sneak up on me. I watch a lot of movies though so I suppose it’s bound to happen at some point or other

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    1. Uau, you wrote a very long comment. I respect that, however I think that Sucker Punch is not a bad movie at all, I just think that Zack Snyder’s vision wasn’t well translated but I can totally get where you come from and everyone has his opinion. Thank you for your thoughts ! 🙂

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      1. Heh, I have a habit of writing way too much at times. (^_^;) Yeah, disagreements are what makes discussions interesting in the end and respecting each opinion is the important thing. I haven’t really explored your site much yet, but have you done a Top 10 Best films post?

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          1. Cool, I’ll go check it out. No worries, I wrote many posts back when I first started in 2010 that seem kind of crazy or just super different than if I were to write them now. It’s fun to see how your mentality on things subtly or drastically shifts as you go on with life.


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