Gotham S03E06 “Mad City : Follow The White Rabbit” – Review


This episode was very interesting ! For example, we got a new romance in a form of the Penguin & Ed and the Mad Hatter ( Jervis Tech ) stuff was made by a genius. But, even though it was good, it was just that, seeming much like a dragging episode.

Now, with a deeper analysis, I am glad that they are turning this Penguin and Ed connection a romance instead of a bromance, not only because it establishes some dinamic to the show and it is way more amusing. And, from this episode we saw a desperate Penguin trying to tell his feelings to Ed, but with no realization. Although, it is a little weird to see a gay couple villain in this show, it totally makes sense with the characters that are involved, let’s hope this idea works. Looking foward to see what happens the next episode.

In relation to James Gordon and Mad Hatter’s mind games, the 50 / 50 choosing situations were “nice” and realistic, Jim it’s becoming mad, I mean loosing his wife, his son, his job and in some point almost loosing his sanity. Mad Hatter is another person trying to ruin his life, and he suceeds for quite some time, killing a lot of inocent people on the process, including a pre – married couple who ( under the controll of the Mad Hatter ) jumped of a ledge of a building due to Jim choosing to save a kid from getting runned down by a truck, getting two guys electrocuted thanks to Jim not shooting one of them saving the other one’s life and ultimately making Jim choose who to kill between his two loves. So, by the end of the episode, Jervis kiddnapps Valerie vale ( Jim’s current girlfriend ) and Lee ( Jim’s former wife ) and while Jim is in the GCPD learning where they are, by the big pale guy present in every “pick situation”, the girls were locked in the bathroom. Lee managed to get the cuffs of but Jervis quickly opened the door and proposed dinner, after they waited for Jim, Jervis then made him choose who to kill. Jim tried to mess Jervis’s head by talking about the hate that his sister had for him, however it didn’t work and Jim ended up saying to kill Lee ( not expecting that ) but the bullet went straight to Valerie’s chest instead.

Valerie was taken to the hospital and Gordon and Lee sat there in the hospital chairs waiting….and then….the end.

Concluding, it was a decent and a very enjoyable episode, I just hope we get more realization in the next episode, specially for the Penguin and Ed’s relationship.

I rate : 7,9 / 10


5 thoughts on “Gotham S03E06 “Mad City : Follow The White Rabbit” – Review

  1. Is Gotham really worth to start watching? I started episode 1 at some point in the past, but was not that impressed so forgot to continue watching…. but now I am all out of other TV series to watch, since it feels like I have watched all other shows that are any good at all…. so I am wondering what I should watch now….? 🙂

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    1. I’l drop you a few names : comedy series – mom, new girl, fresh off the boat ; action series – Daredevil, Jessica Jones, lucifer, the flash, quantico, the walking dead, izombie, sense8, teen Wolf, ash vs evil dead ; drama series – empire and last but not least the show you should be watching – GAME OF THRONES.


      1. I do not know if you remember – but I was one of your blog readers who always commented about each game of thrones episodes reviews 😉 so I watched that a lot, even re-watched it haha, because of lack of other series to watch. I am very “picky”, so I am looking for a new tv series which I have not seen yet. It has to hold a really good quality though. 🙂 I liked: Daredevil, House of cards, Breaking bad, Nip/Tuck, Narcos, Homeland, etc. All the really, really high quality series. But I have a hard time to find something I havent seen, which can match those I have seen. Perhaps Empire? I Gladly take suggestions. 🙂

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        1. Yes, Empire is a great pick, it joins the music and the drama perfectly. And you can also watch Sense8 ( made by the Wachowski Brothers, season 2 is released next year ), westworld is a new hbo series that it seems very good ( 9.2 rating ), lucifer is simply great ( the first episodes 2 or 3 episodes might not be so entertaining than the rest of the show so far but as the plot advances it becomes such an awesome story with great characters ) and maybe Ash vs Evil Dead a tv series based on the movies Evil Dead, very funny and very gory. 🙂


    2. And by this point i think it’s not worth to watch Gotham because it isn’t that show that keeps its consistency every episode so it is not worth to watch almost 3 seasons of good and bad things to watch while game of thrones is a show where the consistency is there and the 6 seasons are all awesome. 😉

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