Se7en – Review


As you know, David Fincher is one of my favourite directors mainly because of his movie – “Fight Club” – which also stars Brad Pitt, although the one that started the wave of his epic movies was noneother than “Se7en”. I prefered “Fight Club” way more but “Se7en” managed to pull things of that I wasn’t expecting.

Its story revolves around two detectives, a rookie and a veteran, who hunt a serial killer that uses the seven deadly sins as his modus operandi. So, quite interesting.

This premise then leads us to 7 crime scenes, each representing onef the deadly sins.

  • Lust


  • Gluttony


  • Greed


  • Sloth


  • Pride


This doesn’t look as terrifying or disgusting as it should be but that is because I am showing only the words, so let me show you some of the victims :  :

se7en Lust Scene Bgluttony2






And there’s more where that came from. However, you must be wondering, there are two deadly sins left. Well, being the mastermind that the villain is, John Doe, he managed to represent the Envy and make counterpart David Mills represent the Wrath.

  • Envy


  • Wrath







The end scene is a mastermind, the tension and pressure felt makes the moment more epic but scary too. The ability of John Doe to make a person go to its limits and kill someone by pure anger is unbelievelable, having a little help from a box that we never knew what it had inside, but some especulate that it was Mills’s wife’s head.  Just like the especulation behind what there is in the briefcase of “Pulp Fiction”.

Eye Level

In conclusion, this film is unexpected but super realistic with exciting characters portrayed by the best that Hollywood has to offer. Kevin Spacey was at the top of the world during the mid 1990’s and with “Se7en” it only increased even more.

Getting of the review a little bit, I have to say that I will only be posting in wednesday because I am gonna be the next few days out so don’t worry I won’t be missing another month.

I rant : 8,1 / 10


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