My Top 10 Cartoons…Of All Time

I am so sorry for not posting yesterday ( I promised to post everyday ), but I couldn’t so I hope you accept my apology with a top 10 list. I missed doing these so much ! By the way, I put “Of All Time” instead of “So Far” because I don’t watch any cartoons anymore so my opinion will never change. Warning : you may see some cartoons that you don’t know but please check those out ‘ cause they are awesome !

Here are some honorable mentions :

  • Danny Phantom
  • Foster’s Home Of Imaginary Friends
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  • The Powerpuff Girls
  • The Fairly OddParents
  • American Dad

10. Kim Possible


To start things of with a little bit of action, who other than Kim Possible to do the job ! When I was little I loved watching this show because of its characters, action and comedy, but also because thanks to the best teenage agent of all time, I dreamt becoming a secret agent myself when I grew up. However, I now understand that that is a bit impossible, but you never know.

9. Huntik : Secrets And Seekers


Now, before you make a dumb face, let me tell you what this show is about. It has 2 seasons and revolves in a world where it exists titans who can be controlled by certain persons called “Seekers” and, as every story, there are the good guys and there are the bad guys so there will be an obviously disparity between this two forces. Why I love it so much is due to the soundtrack, the diferent characters, the interesting plot and awesome fight sequences .

8. Code Lyoko


Another cartoon that you may not know is this one, that just like Huntik, it has characters very different from each other, the story is very good despite sometimes getting a bit repetitive and the action stuff is really cool not to mention the cringe twists that happen between the 4 seasons ( each one better than the last being the season 4 the pinacle of its potential ). The story is about 5 students who find a supercomputer with an evil virus that threatens to take over the world and the only way to stop them is for some of them to be virtualised into the virtual world. It is better than it sounds. Take a look at this awesome fight :

7. Doraemon


This one you may know. I personally liked this because of the trouble that Nobita got into with Doraemon’s gadgets and also it helped me understand some spanish since they spoke spanish ( with subtitles to translate them of course ). However, sometimes I would get irritated by his two friends which one was a bully and the other one a rich bastard but it gave more life to the world they lived in, so basically this get high on the list because of the amount of times that I would entertain myself watching it.

6. Recess


I can’t remeber that much of Recess but, oh boy, how I loved it ( so did my sister ). I still remember the intro and now childhood memories are coming up, but moving on, the reason why it was so cool was because of the school feeling of it and the very entertaining characters who were very diversed who now I get how different they are, representing each spot of a school piramid. If this dared to pass through my tv sometime when I am surfing I will leave it there for a few minutes so that I can relive some memories.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( 2003 )


Turtles who were dumped in the sewers and mutantized and that then were trained by a rat in order to become professional ninjas, that is an unique characteristic right there. My favourites were the ones from 2003 because nº1 – I never saw the original, nº2 – the characters were very cool and still are and nº3 – every episode was so good that I didn’t miss one of them ( btw Shredder caused me nightmares ), my favourite was always Leonardo due to his badass attitude but now I am more of a Donatello. This series was the reason for me becoming a fan of TMNT !

4. The Simpsons


I don’t think I need to say that much, just that the Simpsons has the best characters put together into one causing enumorous memorable moments. In addition this is the only cartoon that I still watch as well as American Dad but I can say that because this insert into the teen and adult ages.

3. Avatar : The Last Airbender


If you didn’t pass through this epic tv show, you are totally f*cked because you are missing one of the most masterclass of a writting in a cartoon ever. Let me tell you what it has and what it delivers every single episode, so the characters are perfect and super relatable ( even the “one offs” ), the proceeding of the story gets out perfectly, there is a huge evolution seen throughout the seasons ( though I liked season 2 more ), the sequences are planned out to perfection as well as the music who follows them at the right points and the epic moments that make you turn into a goose causes you to feel sad and happy but at the end of the day you will realize that it was the most schocking thing you have ever seen. Shame that Shamalyan screwed up so bad with the adaptation, he must never touch anything like that ever again, so if you haven’t watched it yet, go do it because it is also for grown ups who like a good story, I tell you no more.

2. Tom and Jerry


An instant classic ! Actually, I enjoyed this cartoon much more than the Looney Tunes ones because I loved the concept ( even though Looney Tunes also shared the same )besides I always feel pleasure ( not the sexual way ) to see a good chase with the cat and the mouse. Also, there were a high variety of different episodes that gave the main view a divergent feel to it. I am sure you still miss Tom trying to catch Jerry and being tortured as he does it, at least I know I do.

1. Spongebob Squarepants


I mean, could it be any other ? Yes, it could, but this “virtual friend” that accompanied throughout my infancy was always a reason to laugh everytime. Spongebob was so funny to me and the other characters were also great too with their own way of interaction which makes the cartoon more entertaining. There was even one time that I start to like Squidward because of his way of life getting always destroyed by Spongebob and Patrick ( who I hated sometimes due to his compulsive stupidity ) which brought such good moments, mostly laughing ones. The Krusty Krab, the house that also gave me such nice minutes, like Mr Krabs having a shower with money, Squidward treating the costumers like garbage and feeling depressed, Spongebob being always happy or even Plankton always figuring out different ways to get the secret of the delicious Krusty Krab. I am starting to cry right now…Spongebob helped me a lot, believe it or not, gaving me strenght to feel happy everyday like he always did having a big place right here in my heart. I know I am being a bit lame and corny but that is the truth, I am gonna miss you Spongebob !


So, I wanna now your opinion now, which cartoon affected you more in your childhood ? Do you still watch any ?


5 thoughts on “My Top 10 Cartoons…Of All Time

  1. I love every cartoon on your honorable mentions list, Kim Possible, Recess, and Spongbob. And of course I still watch cartoons! Watch them everyday as a matter of fact. I think everyone could benefit from some mindless fun and laughter everyday so I give myself that gift.

    Great list! 😀

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