Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice VS Captain Americal : Civil War


It’s finally here ! The rant that you all wanted ( I think ) ! Let’s see who really won the FIGHT !


In relation to the story, both were good and realistic managing to get a reasonable excuse for them to fight. Even though some argued with the huge amount of plot holes on BvS ,mainly of Lex Luthor’s plan, I think that everything worked how it was suposed to work. Now, CA : CW didn’t had any problems at all, everything was perfectly explained. In the end, I think that CA : CW made a much better use of the “vs” because they fought the whole movie wether between dialogues or fights and had an actual winner or conclusion of all the mess, while BvS only had one fight scene ( which was pretty awesome ) and the rest was just disparities, besides the resolution was Batman getting friend of Superman just because their mothers have the same name and then fight together against a monster ( Doomsday ) that Luthor creates.

Winner of the round – Captain americal : Civil War


This is hard, both were good, though there were some problems with some of them so lets analyse that. In BvS, we got an excellent Batman ( probably the best ) and Wonder Woman but an awful Superman ( dark and underused ), dumb Lois Lane and weird Lex Luthor ( a little jokerise ) while on CA : CW every character was right and did well their own thing. Although, this may also be because of the introduction of the characters and recend development of the characters in BvS,the advantage goes for Marvel because their Universe started a long time ago but still no excuse for BvS to not do it better.

Winner of the round – Captain America : Civil War


Acording to the critics, BvS was a poor excuse of a comic book movie, but in my viewing it was a very good one (  I am not saying is the best either ). Receiving a 27 rating by Rotten Tomatoes, BvS was bashed by every critic alive whether because of the plot misteps, the characters or even the environment that it gave, every bad little thing got pointed out. In the case of CA : CW, it got positive reviews everywhere having a 90 rating in Rotten Tomatoes.

Winner of the round – Captain America : Civil War


Now, the reception of the fans is totally different from the critics, DC fans are gonna love BvS no matter what and Marvel fans are gonna love CA : CW no doubt about it. However, there are some exceptions to the case, some DC fans absolutely hated BvS due to their lack of development and respect to the characters or to the dumb plot ( I am not saying that it is dumb ). In CA : CW, all Marvel fans loved it and I will get on and say that even a DC fan can admit that it was good and better than BvS managed to be, speaking of myself, at least. At the end of the day. CA : CW is gonna fill more seats.

Winner of the round – Captain America : Civil War

Box – Office

Unvelievably, CA : CW surpassed BvS in the box – office, having grossed 406, 938, 832 million dollars while BvS grossed only 330, 360, 194 million dollars domestically.

Winner of the round – Captain America : Civil War

The Impact On Each Universe

This may be a little controversial, but BvS is the start of the DC Cinematic Universe and even if is not the best start is surely a very important one, while CA : CW was indeed the best marvel movie, in terms of impact on the MCU it didn’t did that much, just concluded the tension between Iron Man and Captain America.

Winner of the round – Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice


The Winner Is of the fight is Captain America : Civil War !!! 


Which did you like more ? Do you think that CA : CW was the real winner or maybe BvS was the one to choose ?


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