X – Men : Apocalypse – Review


I hope you missed me because I am back to blogging and I couldn’t be happier ! Now the reason behind by sudden absence from the past month was due to my desire of time away from the blog and the fun that I endured during this time and it isn’t going to stop, but I am finally here so none of that matters now. I decided to do the review of this movie because it was planned already so without furder ado, let’s get started !

Just like BvS, this X – Men movie was a little controversial when it came to the critics that it received and I can understand both sides, however at the end of the day I cannot dislike and feel not entertained by the film.

I mean the cast is bigger than ever, each performance is great at their own way, specially, with the introductions of the Nightcrawler, Storm, Angel, Psylocke, Cyclops and Jean Grey who is represented by noneother than our lady Stark – Sophie Turner – that made an incredible representation of Jean. In relation to the other characters, we already saw them on the other movies, but they were good nonetheless.

Now, the main villain – Apocalypse – was very powerful and dangerous and that is how a villain should be portrayed ( specially in the X – Men Universe ), though I cannot stop but feel that there was something left. Maybe it was because I knew that he wasn’t going to win, but like that happens to every villain in a movie and I don’t feel like that in this one, so maybe the development wasn’t the best. Nonetheless, I think that Apocalypse was still a good villain and awesome to watch on the big screen ! But there was one problem that some people had, that consisted in Mystique who was given too much importance in the story just because she is Jennifer Lawrence, however I thought that she had to fullfill what her character created in the last movie so that wasn’t too much of a problem for me.

As far as the scenes, they were just like every X – Men movie, giving props to the second Quicksilver scene that was breathtaking and bigger but also super funny, the action scenes were filled with epic shots and eye catching sequences, basically, X – Men. And how could you watch an X – Men movie without Wolverine in it ? Sure, he only appeared during three minutes but who cares, are you kidding me with that slaughter mayhem, also it made a very important scene with Jean ( brought me flashbacks ).

In conclusion, overall, it was an enjoyable flick but, unfortunately, it felt like a drawback from the previous one, it was just an one off villain who fights against the X – Men that loses at the end, so it was kinda of flat. But still gave us some epic moments !

Now I know that I haven’t posted in a month so I feel like I should reward you, so up until saturday I will be posting everyday ( I promise I will ) entertaining you with epic rants, two reviews and one awesome top 10 list, so stay tuned !

Changing matters, what is your opinion on this movie ? Where does the X – Men franchise go from here ?

I rate : 7,6 / 10


One thought on “X – Men : Apocalypse – Review

  1. First…welcome back! I completely agree with you on this movie. I gave it a 3.9 out of 5. Yes, this movie was setback from the recent X-Men movies (First Class and Days of Future Past). The setup premise was interesting, but it didn’t feel as intricate as the other ones did. However, it did have some pretty epic moments and was a solid summer blockbuster flick.

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