Game Of Thrones S06E10 “The Winds Of Winter” – Review


We all wanted some big finale for GOT and what we got was exactly that ! Before starting, I would just like to point out that my “What should Happen On The GOT Finale” really happened and managed to put that in an epic way.

First, let’s covered up that Dorne must have a conclusion, even if Olenna Tyrell is envolved, I don’t care. They want a revenge against Cersei for what she had done to both, so they made a pact but I highly doubt that that is going to lead to something.

And why Cersei, you may ask ? Simply because she f*cked everyone. Let me clarify :

  • She burned all of the people in the Small Council, including all the Sparrows, the High Sparrow himself, Master Pycelle and Margaery ( and her brother and father ) with Wildfire
  • She was responsible for Tommen’s death ( not intentionally ), in addition, this scene was out of nowhere but awesome at the same time
  • She tortured the woman that tortured her ( which was well deserving ) giving her the taste of her own medicine
  • She became the first women to ever sit on the Iron Throne and turn into the Queen of King’s Landing

Basically, what happened, was that during the Small Council, Sir Loras confessed all his sins resulting in a mutilation from part of the Sparrows. The main guy from the Sparrows got lured into an underground facility where the Wildfire were and as he approachs the barril that contains it, Margaery senses that something is going to happen so she orders everybody to leave however, it was too late, they all vanish in the explosion. Before that, Cersei planned to keep Tommen back way from the Council so that he isn’t hurt, though when he heard the news of what happened he just jumped from a window to the floor. Cersei then tortures her female foe and when she founds out that he is dead she reclaims the throne as the returning brother and lover watches her. If you noticed, this incident was the plan of the Mad King before he was killed by Jaime – burning people.

Sam, showed up a bit, what we got from him was him accompanied by Gilly and little Sam deparing into Oldtown, where men become Maesters. They go to the bureaucracy but the man in there is a little skeptical since there’s no record of Lord Commander Mormont dying, or of Maester Aemon’s illness and death. However, eventually, he is taken into this huge library while Gilly and little Sam must wait outside.

Another small appearance assumed the form of Arya Star who came back to the Castle of Castamere to avenge the Red Wedding’s massacre by cutting the throat of Lord Frey and butchering his sons and she even “make” the lord, literally, eat his own sons before his death. Super awesome ! Arya is becoming one of my favourites.

In Winterfell, there is a discussion between Melisandre, Jon and Davos due to the finding of a toy owned by Princess Shireen, he demands satisfaction for the burning of the young princess and forces her to confess to burning her at the stake. He then asks Jon Snow to have her executed, but Melisandre protests because she can help him defeat the Night King. Although, Jon being the nobleman that he is, he chooses exile instead in which she must ride south, and if she returns north, he’ll hang her as a murderer. After that, Jon and Sansa reconcile with a litle chat where he owns up to the fact that it was Sansa who won the battle, but he wonders if she can really trust Littlefinger, likewise, she apologizes for not telling him about having the Knights of the Vale. But the highlight of the conversation was the phrase “Winter is here,” stated by Jon Snow and the phrase “Father always promised, didn’t he?” that Jon also says in a joke way with his sister. Moments pass and Sansa sits alone near the Winterfell weirwood tree while Littlefinger approaches and talks to her, he says that he wants to be on the Iron Throne, and he wants Sansa by his side. He goes in for the kiss, but she denies him, though Littlefinger gives her something to think about, she needs to be the lady of Winterfell because that’s who people will rally behind, not a bastard. However, it didn’t turn out like that because when they were all reunited ( the Lords of the North ) they claimed Jon Snow as the ruler of Winterfell and Warden Of The North mainly due to Lady Mormont motivational speech, Sansa then grins and looks at Littlefinger.

In the North of the Wall, Bran, Meera and uncle Benjen look to the giant Wall and Benjen says that he cannot go because he is techically dead and the dead can’t pass the wall so he lefts. Bran again ventures into the past to witness his father, Ned, at the Tower of Joy, but this time they go in and find Lyanna Stark, Ned’s sister, dying in a pool of blood upon her bed. She whispers something in Ned’s ears and lets him hold the baby and then keeps saying that Ned has to protect him. The closeup of the child cuts directly to a closeup of Jon Snow, all grown up, seemingly confirming all the theories about Jon’s true parentage. Can you believe that, only sh*t !

Finally, Daenerys talks to Daario, his lover, that he has to stay in Meereen to keep the peace, at first he doesn’t like the idea saying that he loves Daenerys and wants to go wherever she goes. She replies by saying that he must serve her and that he she needs a man to keep up appearances which calmed him down resulting in an understanding from Daario’s part. The Mother of Dragons goes meet up with Tyrion who served her as a console and in a shape of a reward for his loyalty to her she names him the Hand of the Queen. And at last, after 6 seasons, Khaleesi with an enormous fleet, her Dragons and her loyal allies by her side, she heads to King’s Landing to take the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms that is rightfully hers.

What are your thoughts on this amazing finale ? What I am must glad about is that they set up new things for next season and that this season ( mostly ) showed the true power of women – Cersei, Daenerys, Sansa, Dorne women, Margaery, Arya and Brienne of Tarth.

I rate : 8,8 / 10


3 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones S06E10 “The Winds Of Winter” – Review

  1. I loved the finale, it had all the right things happening that were supposed to happen.😃 It is just too bad it is so very long between seasons!😐 What to watch in the meantime!? Heheh. Oh well, I like Mr. Robot too…

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