John Wick – Review


This movie is the definition of an action flick ! So I had to make a review of it because it was absolutey worth my time and I want to share it with you.

For start, the story is about an ex – hitman that came out of retirement to track down the people that took everything from him. A simple plot, right ? Well, you will be surprised to see that with that, the movie worked just fine, and I mean better than fine.

The reason why this film worked so well is due to the characters that without that much character development they still feel like true characters that affect you emotionally. Now, the fight scenes are top notch, they are realistic, badass, unpredictable and very intense sometimes which improves the movies overall since its main focus is exactly these.

All the performances are very good, even Theon Greyjoy starred, though Keanuu Reeves gave an overwhelming execution of his character. Also, what affected me more was the puppy dying scene, I knew that from the moment that he received the puppy, he would die. I teared up a little bit and it made me angry just like Keannu Reeves character which is good because the emotion should pass through the audience.

In conclusion, I was glad of what I had seen, and there is no doubt that this is the best action movie from this generation, in my opinion, for reasons like the dope action sequences, meaning plot, good characters that managed to pass their emotions to me ( and others too ) and weird but awesome dialogue too. And it is points like this where you can really make a film work.

So, if you like an action movie, go see this one right know, go to your computer and watch it ! And by the end, you will be very satisfied for seeing this beautiful action flick !

I rate : 7,9 / 10


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