Wayward Pines S02E05 “Sound The Alarm” – Review


Again, “Wayward Pines” releases another filler episode. I mean it wasn’t so bad but it was still dead boring !

In this chapter, the focus was on the new Abby that as it tuns out, it is a female Abby ( the first ever found ) that later it was captured for tests. In relation to that, I think that it is different and fresh, we need something like that right now on the show.

Also, we saw another flashback about the creation of the town ( once again ), this time, it was how its design came about. Rebecca is the responsible for it, so it showed how she and Pilcher came to terms. Just another origin that no one cares about any more.

It seems that Ethan is really dead, a character with so much potential that it was killed just like that. Such a waste ! So, Theresa and Adam Hassler had a few chats about her family and Ethan. Nothing interesting.

Now, our favourite hero ( not ), Theo had some problems of his own finding out that his wife married inside of the town with another man while he was sleeping, Xander, resulting in a cheek bruised Xander and the “departure” of Theo, helping Frank about his problem on the procreation room raising the question that he might be gay and him becoming the leader on the matter of testing the female Abby.

In the end of the episode, a bunch of Abbies appear and burn all of the crops and as they are doing it, it is showing the face of the female Abby or just like they named her – Margaret. And then, done, the episode ends. Just pathetic, compared to season 1, this show is burning to the ground with the stupid decisions that are made and the feel of the unknowing of the writers on regards to the story, and it is obvious the reason why they only made this season, it was only because it was a huge sucess, because the plan was just to make one season ( Shyamalan then had to write for the second ).

What did you think of yet another boring episode ?

I rate : 7,0 / 10


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