Game Of Thrones S06E09 “Battle Of The Bastards” – Review


As expected, the “Battle Of The Bastards” lived up to its hype and in a huge way ! By the way, do you notice that in every season, the episode 9 is one of the best ( if not the best ). Just think about it, in season 1 – Eddard Stark is beheaded, in season 2 – the battle of Blackwater happens, in season 3 – the Red Wedding incident occurs resulting on a dead Robb and Catelyn Stark, in season 4  – there is the battle against the wildlings, in season 5 – the Dance Of The Dragons was awesome and even though the battle against the walkers in episode 8 was better, it was still an epic moment and now in season 6 – yet another great battle, this time against the Ramsh*t. There are even people saying that this is the best Game Of Thrones episode ever which I can totally agree however (…) !

So, the episode focused on two places – Mereen and Winterfell.

In relation to Mereen, Daenerys with the help of her Dragons reclaimed her throne with also the help of her loyal friends, Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm. However, before that there was a dialogue between Daenerys and Tyrion in which they talk about what has happened with the place, actually very interesting instances during it. Continuing, the dragons’s scenes were formidable as always with a taste of hotness in it, you know because of their fire, forget it, moving on, then Theon and Yara arrive and prepare a deal with Khaleesi herself.

First of, it starts with Tyrion juicing things up a bit by “playing” with Theon about what he had done, it was quite funny even though it wasn’t meant to, what can I say it is Tyrion. In that deal, they want their help to defeat their uncle and retake the Iron Islands, saying everything that he plans to do – get Daenerys to take his big cock, then kill her and then rule the Seven Kingdoms ( he wished ). Our Queen of Dragons accepts it !

Now for the real thing, once again another battle happens in GOT and it manages to be better than the other two, the stakes were higher, the fight sequences were breathtaking, the gore was on sight, it made impressive face offs creating even more epic moments.

It all started with Jon and other Lords of Northern Houses in a eye on eye with Ramsay that resulted in one fantastic line by Sansa – “You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well.” – knowing that she already won ( will see that later ). Then they talked in the battle counsil that fear is Ramsay’s power but also his weakness and Jon had a little fight with Sansa in which she kept stating that they didn’t had enough men and after that Jon goes to the Melisandre and order her to not bring him back if he dies, though she says that she only accepts orders from the Lord of Light.

In the morning, there is a gigantic face off between the two “houses” if I should say. Ramsay walks first with a rope attached to Rickon, he then releases him and tells him to run to his brother, however what he does is throw arrows at him until he gets to Jon. Unfortunately, Ramsay hits him right on the chest when Rickon was about to reach Jon’s hand, laying Rickon on the ground dead. This was it, the battle begun, an infuriated Jon run right into their army and when they were about to hit him, both armies collide. Like I said earlier they managed to pull of a great battle with remarkable sequences including the Jon’s “little battles” and the Spartan formation that would eventually kill and defeat almost all of them, even Jon when he was almost stepped to death making a very intense moment. Right then, when everything seemed lost, there comes an army of the House Tully to help them and who comes on display, that is right,Petyr Baelish and Sansa f*cking Stark. She was contacting them all this time, just awesome, Sansa really proved to be a strong and fearless woman !

So with House Bolton seemingly falling down, Ramsay made his escape to the castle, but it did no good because the Giant knocked the door out letting the others through, sadly the Giant died with a high number of arrows pressed through his body and an ultimate arrow by Ramsay ( he keeps killing everybody ). Jon and Ramsay, then, go one on one coming Jon on top with a huge shot to Ramsay’s face and strong punches to his head, Sansa appears and he stops. Later, the Starks, reclaim Winterfell ( it feels so good to say that ) and Rickon is buried next to Ned. To end it all, Sansa goes to the chambers where Ramsay is imprisoned and has a little chat with him where he says that she can’t kill her because he is part of her now, does this mean that Sansa is pregnant ? OMG.. that son of a b*tch ! She replies saying that he will disapear from history ( literally and figuratively ), the hounds then are released and starving as they are, they end up eating Ramsay alive, while Sansa leaves with a grin on her face. Talk about having that last laugh !

Concluding, (…) this episode is one of the best episodes of GOT but not the best, simply due to the fact that GOT gives incredible episodes that are so good that you can’t compare them. Although, it was the one that made me shout the most !

Now what is your opinion on this mind blowing chapter ? How did you feel on that massive battle ?

I rate : 9,0 / 10 ( my highest score yet )


4 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones S06E09 “Battle Of The Bastards” – Review

  1. Well to be honest, I expected Jon Snow would be losing the battle and would be saved by another massive army. I didn’t know which house? or who? but yes, I did expect it.
    Littlefinger was a pleasant surprise!

    And Wun Wun , his death seemed even more emotional that Rickons!

    And the ending? The way Sansa sees Ramsay being eaten by his own hounds and then smiles! That was evil! and EPIC!

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  2. Oh my. This was intense. I would say previous seasons’ episodes number 9 have been a little bit better, but this was also very good. I liked that Ramsay finally disappeared of course. Although I would have liked it more if they had made it a more emotional thing for Ramsay. (Like, he would suddenly beg for his life or something.) It would add a bit more depth to his character I think… and it would be good to see that he finally realizes the consequences of his actions. Anyway it is good that he is gone.
    When he said ” I am a part of you” he may not mean a child, it could also be that he will always be in her head since he was so evil to her. But could be a child also… remain to be seen. 🙂 Also when Jon was almost being trampled to death I was really scared!!! I thought oh noooo they cant bring him back just to kill him in this stupid way! Lol 😊
    So excited for next episode! Want to see what happened to Bran!

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