Wayward Pines S02E04 “Exit Strategy” – Review


First of, I am so sorry for posting only today but I had an exam today so I had to study all day yesterday, though I am pleased to say that it went well. Also, I am now changing “My Top 10…So Far” to every friday, now instead of making intervals of two weeks, I am making one each week. Hope you enjoy that !

This episode was far more interesting and it set a light for the rest of the season ! So let’s just get into the review.

It started with Xander waking up on the bottom of a well that he then eventually escaped after killing an Abby. After that, he encounters Adam Hassler ( returning from season 1 ) who was sent with other persons by Pilcher to seek more survivors back when he was still alive. They then entered into Wayward Pines seeing Adam has a hero, since he managed to survive outside of the fence, and what happens to him is this visions with the Abbies, not only memories but sights of Abbies all over the town .

The issue that I liked more on this episode was the procreation of children, in other words, the first generation has to have children so that Humanity continues preserved. The reason why it was so good it is because it granted another interesting problem in Wayward Pines and at the same time contributes to character development, for example on Megan that made her more hateful and Rebecca that made her more of a hero. This problem revolved around a little girl who had her first period which meant entering the procreation procedure where they pair her with a boy to get pregnant, her brother then had to tell Megan who was later stopped by Rebecca taking her to her house in the process .

Ben’s mom appeared once again which was rather delightful, what she did was going with CJ and other men outside of the fences to take care of a matter in relation to the crops ( that Jason really cares about ) and what they had was a body that then was put into a bodybag which Theresa unzips it but we can’t see the face so we don’t know if it was Ben or not. Although, honestly, I think that it is not !

Concluding, at the end of this episode, we see the little girl’s brother walking in the streets thinking of what he did to his sister ( talked to Megan ) and then sitting on a bench and eating some sort of bread, I think. Then suddenly, the carousel started to work but then stopped and what did we and the brother see behind it ? A motherf*cking Abby ! Now, I don’t know if it was just me, but this Abby to me looked a little diferent, maybe more humanized, however it doesn’t matter because an Abby inside the fence is pretty awesome. The only question is – how did he pass through the fence ? My theory is that someone transformed into an Abby, which is weird, and it might as well be Adam Hassler.

What is your opinion ?

I rate : 7,6 / 10


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