Game Of Thrones S06E08 “No One” – Review


This episode was long and so much thing happened. So let’s get with the review !

It started with Lady Crane ( the actress of the play ) finishing the scene where Joffrey dies and going to the back and find Arya layed down with blood everywhere, so she decides to help her by patching her up and get her some rest.

Following, the Hound completely obliterates 4 guys with his axe, which was pretty awesome but gruelling too in the most random way possible. Unfortunately, they aren’t the guys who slaughtered Ray’s people, so he continued until he found a group of people that were about to hang three men, and as it turns out those men were the ones he was looking for. He negotiates with the group which resulted in him get to hang two of the guys in his choosing. How fun !

In King’s Landind, The Sparrows are pissing me of so much ! They meet with Cersei to take her to the High Sparrow to talk to him but she refused and tell them to get the High Sparrow here but they turned down. They tried to take her the good way, however Cersei’s words were pretty clear in which way was going to go – “I choose violence” – after this the Mountain grabs one guy by his neck, throws him to the floor and rips his face of. SO AWESOME !!!! Take that little sh*ts ! Cersei, then, moves to the castle to hear Tommen announce that if the Faith falls than the Crown falls and vice – versa also prohibiting the trial by combat. Way to ruin the mood !

Continuing, in Riverrun, Brienne goes there to negotiate with Blackfish, so she shows him a letter wrote by Sansa in which she asks some men to help the battle against Winterfell, though he says that he can’t help, Brienne then says to Podrick to send a raven to Sansa saying that she failed. Before this Brienne has a talk with Jaime where she says that she needs Blackfish and his army but Blackfish needs to keep Riverrun and Jaime needs to take it from him. In the end, Brienne is unable to convince Blackfish to leave the castle, but Edmure Tully is available. In addition, before this conversation unfolds, Bronn encounters Podrick and starts to talk about wether Jaime and Brienne were f*cking in the tent or not and that he would f*ck her and if Podrick f*cked her, just super funny !

Moving on, Jaime and Edmure have a true but violent dialogue, where Jaime tells Edmure that he would catapult his son and kill every single people just to save Cersei because he only loves her. This makes Edmure very scared, so he goes to the main door of the Castle ( in order of Jaime ) and demands the door to be open and since he is the lord the soldiers are obligated to complete the task despite Blackfish ordering not to, so the door is open and he commands the soldiers to surrender the castle, Jaime advances and takes the castle. While this happens, Blackfish helps Brienne and Podrick escape and stays to die, then we see Jaime watch them on a little boat making their run, he waves and Brienne replies with a wave too.

Back in Meereen, Tyrion says goodbye to Varys, and has another funny talk with Missandei and Grey Worm where they tell jokes, another nice and chilling scene which I appreciate vey much. However, it is interrupted by a boat army about to conquer Meereen. Luckily, Daenerys appears out of nowhere. Come on, Khaleesi, burn them all and free Meereen at last !

Finally, Arya wakes up by hearing some strange noise coming for the other room, she gets up and sees Lady Crane dead. Wafi shows herself and Arya starts running resulting in an incredible chase scene, Terminator style, that ends with Arya trapped with only the help of Needle to defend herself, then she cuts a candle and the screen goes all black. The Faceless Man, Jaqen, is walking and suddenly he sees blood so he follows it till he founds Waif’s head on the wall and Arya behind stating that she is Arya Stark, of Winterfell, and that she is going home. Couldn’t be any happier for that ! Although, I was hoping for an awesome battle between Arya and Waif, nonetheless, I am glad.

Overall, it was very good episode of GOT, but what I liked the most was Riverrun, surprisingly. Now for the next episode, my expectations are high because not only the episode is named the” Battle Of The Bastards” which means that there will be a huge fight between Jon and Ramsay ( and that is super dope ) but also in the episode 9 it always happens something epic.

Now, what are your thoughts on this episode ?

I rate : 8,3 / 10


2 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones S06E08 “No One” – Review

  1. I think this was a little bit too quiet somehow… but I did like a few things very much. The scene with Jaime and Brienne was surprisingly touching and nice. They have a good friendship.
    I loved the chase of the waif and Arya.
    Can not wait to see the next 2 episodes!!! 😃

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