American Beauty – Review


This movie is absolutely amazing ! My idea of it was completely wrong, it went as a romantic flick to a f*cked up flick, but in a very good way ! No surprise it won 5 oscars ( including “best picture ” ) !

Its story is about Lester Burnham who is a loser suburbanite rebelling against his dead-end job, b*tch-on-wheels wife, unloving daughter, and imminent middle-age. So, basically, this revolves around a family with serious sexuality, social and love problems.

The characters are amazingly portrayed by unbelievable actors like Kevin Spacey ( who was on the top of the world with the roles that he ilustrated ), Annette Bening, Wes Bentley and Chris Cooper. However, the other two female actors ( Thora Birch and Mena Suvari ), don’t have the best film résumé but they did kill their roles in this movie.

Now, to clarify the f*cked up thing about it, it all comes down to sexual desire ! Lester starts to feel attracted by his daughter’s friend who eventually shares the same feeling, his wife cheats on him with a much sucessfull man, his daugher falls in love with a guy who records her house and sells drugs with her dad and is considered a creep and his dad even thinks he is gay at one point. Now conbine everything at once and you will se some pretty strange and weird moments !

Although, these moments managed to work, resulting on a solid plot, compelling characters, critics on society and, mainly, the exploration of the sexual awakening that we, humans, sense. In addition, I will give props to the narration of Lester and his visions that are beautifully done and orchestrated and that reflects the desires that he has throughout the movie ! I loved that !

Concluding, “American Beauty” is one of those films that you don’t see a lot that talk about this issue – sex ( focusing on the desire ) – and that it is actually well made. Making it a masterpiece, Sam Mendes ( also the director of the last two James Bond movies ) really proved that he was set to become an highly skilled director.

I rate : 8,5 / 10


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