Wayward Pines S02E03 “Once Upon A Time In Wayward Pines” – Review


Now, this episode, was the filler of the filler ! And I am not going to lose a lot of time with the review because it was so boring and so simple in terms of story development.

So, basically, all the episode was the learning of the past of Jason in the words of returning Pilcher’s sister. See, that is the f*cking episode ! ( note : I thought that Megan was the sister but I was wrong, Pamela is, so I am sorry for imply it in the previous reviews )

Continuing, what happens then, is the almost sabotage that Pamela plans for Wayward Pines because everyone was betraying and not following the rules for that place to work…I guess, look I am not sure, believe it or not I literally fell asleep during the end due to the slow pace and boringness that was constantly attacking me. However, Yedlin warn everyone that was on the main office and she was stopped and now she is dead, due to the hands of Jason himself, he choked her. In addition, one of the reasons for all of this, was the fact that Pamela saw Jason as a different son that she raised but then again who cares.

This episode affect me in terms of characters, simply, because I am confused in who is good or bad or if they are hybrid, I mean this already happened on season 1 but this episode just makes it worse.

I am starting to think that it wasn’t such a good idea to renew the show ! I am sorry for the small review, though the fault is on this episode, too f*cking small in terms of pace.

So what did you thought of this waste of time ?

I rate : 5,0 / 10


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