Game Of Thrones S06E07 “The Broken Man” – Review


This episode was slow, just like the last one, his only function was building the stories even more. I must say that I really hope that every story will have a good resolution by the end of the season because the season is coming to a close and I am afraid that something will be left unresolved.

Heading with the review, the episode began with the returning of the Hound who apparently was saved by this guy named Ray. I will pick up on this later.

Moving to King’s Landing, Margaery had a little chat with her grandma, saying to her to go home and while she was saying this she handed her a piece of paper with a flower drawn on it. After that, Olenna had a litte chat herself withh Cersei stating to her that it was her fault that the fanatics took over and their houses were falling and that she was all alone, Cersei didn’t like the outcome of the conversation and Olenna said that she was leaving. Cersei you have to think, don’t let the fanatics win, Margaery is doing well with her cover.

Arya appeared and let me tell you that I am kind of liking her again ! She negotiated with a man in which she would leave the city on the boat that he was going, though moments later the faceless girl showed up disguised as an old woman and cut her stomach and stabbed her a few times. Gladly, Arya escaped and fell into the river, she then got up and walked through the streets bleeding with everyone looking at her. Run Arya run !

There was a glimpse of Theon and his sister partying and basically what happened was Asha saying that she wanted the old Theon to help her go to Mereen and negotiate with the mother of dragons and take back the Iron Islands.

Jamie was in his quest, I guess I can call that, with his good friend Bronn to conquer the Tully castle. He assumed the comand because the others weren’t doing such a great job, he talked to Blackfish to trie to negotiate but as it turns out negotiation isn’t the way to go. Here comes another slaughter !

Now, Jon Snow accompanied by Sansa and Sir Davos were contacting all the northern houses ( the wildlings agreed to fight alongside them ) including one that was more focused, and that was the House Mormont that it is ruled by a 10 year old girl. They tried to convince her but only Sir Davos managed to persuade her granting them only 62 men, in relation to the girl, she was actually pretty interesting. They then moved to another house, this time House Glover, however the leader refused to join, suddenly, Sansa joins the conversation ( in here we see the fire that she has to kill Ramsay ) though it is not enough. Jon then decides to just fight with the army that they got since they don’t have much time but Sansa thinks that they need more men. Don’t worry Sansa, Ramsay is going to pay for everything he has done !

Finally, what we see is Ray and his group, where the Hound was included in, being killed by the men that showed up earlier who threatened them resulting in the Hound picking up the axe ( that he was using all the time ) and then bum…the episode ended. Such a weak ending but I sort of get it why it ended like that.

What are your thoughts on this episode ?

I rate : 7,8 / 10


3 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones S06E07 “The Broken Man” – Review

  1. I think the hound is on his way to the Brotherhood with a very sharp axe! The Starks will rise again! and furthermore Arya was his friend..well sort Biggest factor in this episode was who did sansa send a raven to?

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  2. I think even though it was slow, some really great moments were there; I actually almost had a tear in my eye from the scene with Theon and Yara. It is like she brought him back from the dead or something! Like, the old Theon. Then I felt sort of sorry for the Hound! First time he met some person who was very friendly to him, and then the person gets killed!! I think the Hound will do a major revenge for someone killing his first friend!

    And Arya that was really sad too. Yes some great moments truly. But let us hope for a little more “forward movement” in the story next week!! 🙂

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