My Top 10 Movie Heroes…So Far

Here it is another one of my lists ( that are always hard to do ) ! Since my last top 10 was for the movie villains, I decided to do a top 10 for the movie heroes. Enjoy ! 😉

Here are some honorable mentions :

  • The Bride
  • Martin Brody
  • Superman
  • Leonidas
  • Maximus
  • Furiosa

10. Harry Potter Franchise – Harry Potter


I must admit that I haven’t saw every movie, but from the ones that I saw, it was enough to realize just how great Harry Potter is. He is a magician on an school struggling to fit in, so I think that that is already pretty relatable, he never gives up, he has a true heart and protects the people he cares the most. Couldn’t be a better teenage hero !

9. Silence Of The Lambs – Clarice Starling


Right now, you must be going – who and why the hell is this woman on the list ? Well, simply because she is the definition of a female hero, in my opinion. Boom, how did you like that ?

8. Indiana Jones Franchise – Indiana Jones


Seriously, could there be more of an iconic action character than our favourite treasure hunter ? Yes , it can, however Indiana Jones is definitely one of the best. He finds hidden treasures and stops bad guys, it is just that simple.

7. The Matrix Trilogy – Neo


Neo, also known as “the one”, is the improbable hero. He knows Kung Fu, does amazing action moves, protects the closer to him and does the coolest things ever like fly, telekinesis, superhuman strength, super speed, healing powers and eventually becomes so powerful that he can manipulate everything on the Matrix.

6. Terminator Franchise – Terminator


Another iconic character, Terminator comes high on this list because of his evolution as a character because since he is a robot he doesn’t feel anything, though as he progresses in the story he starts to display emotions. That is being a true hero and, I mean come on, he kicks so much ass in the most badass way possible. Also, are you kidding me with that epic one liners !

5. Die Hard Franchise – John McClane


Shocking as it may sound, I only watched Die Hard weeks ago, and let me tell you that I absolutely loved it. It is one of the best action movies ever that influenced a whole new generation of action flicks. And the hero, played a huge part in that too ( accompanied by an outstanding villain – Hans Gruber ), John McClane is confident, funny, brave, smart and the ultimate badass. In addition, just as Terminator delivers epic one liners, John can deliver as well !

4. Jason Bourne Trilogy – Jason Bourne

I am so happy that there is going to come out a Jason Bourne movie this year and I am glad that it is Matt Damon who is going to take the role again ( let’s just try to forget Jeremy Renner ). What can I say about Jason, he is a professional at fighting styles, smart, creative and for the love of god he is persistent as hell – he takes nasty bumps but he stands every single time – and that what makes him a remarkable hero.

3. James Bond Franchise – James Bond


Even though I prefer Daniel Craig’s take on the role, I cannot pick the actor that played better because each of them had their unique way of being James Bond. Although, let’s see the aspects that James Bond always has that make him the perfect special agent while also be the phenomenal hero that he is supposed to be – he has all the skills, the gadgets, he is very smart and confident and always manages to get under the bad guy’s skins while also being the most classy, charming, well dressed and having the most number of hook – ups with girls ever ( 75 ).

2. Spiderman ( 2002 – 2007 ) – Spiderman


The first superhero to appear on this list goes to my childhood favourite – Spiderman ! So, where do I start ? First of, he is super relatable since he is a teenager fighting against your normal high school problems, his powers are awesome, he has the heart and will of a real hero, always tries to help whether he is dressed up in the costume or not and an all around caring person. He became a huge part of my childhood and that is why he is number 2 !

1. The Dark Knight Trilogy – Batman


I know what you must be saying as you are reading this – this guy is really obsessed with the “Dark Knight Trilogy” – YES, you are very correct ! Don’t blame me, it is not my fault that this trilogy got almost every topic of my lists right, so bare with me please. And come on we are talking of motherf*cking Batman, the hero of heroes, in my perspective. He fights everything and everyone with the sole purpose of defeating all the crime affecting Gotham and when he does that he makes sure that no one is harmed not even the bad guys ( in terms of killing of course ) and that is what it means being a hero – bring JUSTICE ! Batman is going to be my all time favourite hero so deal with it !


What about you, who is your favourite hero ? Who do you like the most from this list ?


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