Angry Birds – Review


This movie was so funny, dammit ! Actually it is maybe the only movie based on a game that really worked, despite being animated.

When the game came out years ago everyone was addicted to it ( including me ) and when it was announced that there was going to be a movie release of “Angry Birds” I was expecting a decent adaptation and as it turns out it is just that.

Regarding the story, as you may know, is basically about some happy birds who become angry when the traitorous pigs steal their eggs.

In relation to the characters, they all had their unique personality, specially, Chuck who was priceless everytime he appeared. Now, the laughs were everywhere, at least for me, I mean wether it was from the dialogue of the characters or the events that followed. I will give props to the lake of wisdom scene where we see the Mighty Eagle pee in the water that they swam. It was hilarious ! Also, let me tell you that the Eagle was pretty dumb and that is why it made him so funny, did you know that he is voiced by Peter Dinklage.

Finally, it was very sweet to see that amazing sequence where they do what you do in the game – slingshot the birds into the pigs – which by the way it was super dope ! In addition, they overall, made every character their deserving justice however there were few moments that the language and actions weren’t apropriate for the younger audience and even thought it passes their little brains it is still awkward and not a good example. Though, almost every animated movie has those moments nowadays so.

In conclusion, this film is very entertaining and if you are looking for a comedy or an animation this is the movie for you right now. I think that I am going to play angry birds after this !

I rate : 7,5 / 10


8 thoughts on “Angry Birds – Review

    1. My film reviews are short because I don’t like to spoil too much, my goal is to let people know what to expect for the movie in question when they see it, that explains the sweetness ! Nonetheless, thank you, and I would love to serve as a contribute to your website ! 🙂

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