Wayward Pines S02E02 “Blood Harvest” – Review


This episode was a little bit better than the last one, in my viewing. We got to see more character and story development. Although, so far, this season seems a little weak !

On the start of the episode, “Joffrey 2” appears seeing the Abbies trying to surpass the fence by making a “mountain” of Abbies ( while this happens the others are still outside ), however they arrive on time and shot every single Abby that surpassed the fence. Though, Kerry is hurt by one, so sad that she didn’t die, she and leader sh*thead are so annoying and irritating with their stupid philosophies.

Continuing, then they just picked Theo and took him inside leaving the others, why did you leave Theo there in the first place ? Did you just changed your mind for some reason ?

Nevermind, let’s keep going, so Theo was asked by “b*tch face” to help Kerry but Theo demanded to see his wife and to hear answers. Eventually, Jason had to do it and Theo’s reaction wasn’t so good, however he saved Kerry.

After that, he stayed in the hospital and being the only doctor in town Theo started to get this whole idea of the end of the human race. Jason, “the piece of sh*t”, went to talk to him but what happened was an intense discussion where Theo finally said that he was the only doctor so Jason should be more careful when it comes to threaten the only doctor in the world.

So, Ben’s mother came back, and the only thing that she did was ask about Ben that it was still out there, she even went to talk with some little Jason’s soldiers and told them that Ben was from the 1st generation which means that he must be saved.

UHHHH ! This is getting frustrating, this is so boring to write ( sorry for the poor writting ), so I will say it this way – they went outside for crops and burned some Abbies and Ben was left out there again. Also, did he just die ? We clearly see him got attacked by two Abbies but I don’t know, it is too weird, and it is always like this – a relevant character is seemingly killed but it turns out to be not – so, fake death of an important character cliché. They managed to mess up this whole rebelion and Ben character so quickly !

I think that Theo has a plan but let’s see. Jason and Kerry kissed, who cares, and in the end what, basically, happens is the disappearing of every Abbies near Wayward Pines and one, specially, roaring and going away. What ? I don’t understand, too many weird stuff, I really hope the season get’s better !

I rate : 7,9 / 10


3 thoughts on “Wayward Pines S02E02 “Blood Harvest” – Review

  1. Hmm I kinda liked season 1 but not too thrilled about season 2 so far, it is too messy and the plot seems kind of weak somehow..
    I will probably give it 1 or 2 more episodes to see how it evolves, but the only character I kind of like is the doctor… The others, I dont really care about… lol. 🙂

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