Game Of Thrones S06E06 “Blood Of My Blood” – Review


I AM SO SORRY ! This is so unprofessional from my part, I made the schedule just two days ago and I already failed to follow it, well, you can blame that on school. However, finally, I don’t have anything more to do for school since this week is my last one, then I can just enjoy my summer vacation ( 3 months and a half  ), so I will have plenty of time to write.

Starting with the review, this last episode of GOT was slower than the others, they focused more on setting new points in each story, thought I must say that they did that wonderfully ( this season is doing really great ).

The episode begins where it left of with Meera carrying Bran who is still on “that mode” and who starts to have this visions of “everything” knowing all that happened ( the events in all of the seasons ). Meera can’t carry him anymore, Bran wakes up and the white walkers walk closer and closer until one awesome person appeared with a hood riding a horse with very cool fire chains who then revealed himself – Bran’s uncle – so know Bran has to learn how to be the new red eye raven in order to stop the Night King.

Arya’s story is starting to get more interesting, due to the fact that she is leaving that awful place that nobody cares about, and it was once again, nice to see more scenes from the theater. You go Arya, I support you now !

Right on King’s Landing, we got an army of house Tyrell with the help of Jaime to go and bring Margaery and Loras back to the palace ( in this moment Margaery was about to do the walk of shame ), however Tommen shows up after an announcement from the High Sh*t, and makes it official to everyone that there is going to be a partnership between the Crown and the Faith. Damn it Tommen, you had to sold out. Although, don’t worry, Cersei promises to destroy them ! Cersei for life ! ahahahahaha

Sam and Gilly appeared after three episodes, they were heading into Sam’s home, and when they get there, they meet up with his parents but his father wasn’t as welcome as we thought. During dinner, Sam’s father, argued with Sam about him not being a real man even after Castle Black, but Gilly defended him resulting in the discovery that she is a wildling. Sam’s father decides that “his son” and Gilly will stay there while Sam leaves ( that was the original plan to have Gilly and little Sam to be there but not on those circunstances ), When he says his goodbyes, he closes the door but then suddenly he opens it again and decides to take them and also the valaryan sword on the dining room. You go Sam !

Finally, Daenerys shows up, accompanied by her army ( another one – uau – Kaleesi is on fire and I mean literally ), she hears something down the mountain and what we hear after she goes alone there is a roar, image who was it, Drogon, it was awesome and badass. Daenerys does a speech ( while she is on top of Drogon ) in which she tells them that they will help her get the Seven Kingdoms. You go Mother of Dragons !

What did you think of this episode ?

I rate : 7,9 / 10


9 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones S06E06 “Blood Of My Blood” – Review

  1. Oh my god I understand you with reviewing this late, I haven’t posted my review of this episode yet! I wanted to do it an hour after I saw the episode but I had work to do. I think I’ll write mine maybe this weekend lol. But whatever, I liked your recap. For me the episode was actually a big let down (except for Sam’s story, Arya and the ending with Drogon).

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  2. I think it was nice how they set things up now, plenty of very interesting things to come now. Very excited to see how Bran will become the ” raven” Amanda what role he will play against the white walkers. I think Bran’s story is the most exciting right now! 😊
    And the “High Sh*it” (hahaha) as you call him, oh I really want to see HIM sit in a prison cell and Starve! I cant stand fanatics lol…

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