Is Tom Hiddleston the next James Bond ? Johnny Depp…What did you do ?


I must say that I am glad that Daniel Craig denied another James Bond movie dealership, now don’t think that I didn’t like him as our favourite agent but his time as 007 has reached his peak.

Accordingly to what I read, after receiving a lot of praise Tom Hiddleston said that he would’t mind playing James Bond, and it was here where the Hiddleston phenomenon was born.

Some close sources assure that there are conversations with the producers about him becoming Bond. However, there are other contenders, and let me tell you, that they are all good and up for the job to play the most famous special agent :

Jamie Bell
Damian Lewis
Idris Elba





Aidan Turner
Tom Hardy
Henry Cavill









Wait…one sec…who is Damian Lewis and who is Aidan Turner ? Why not include Fassbender on the list, he is in the best stage of his career, James Bond would be an impressive add to his résumé. Although, in my opinion, I would choose either Tom Hiddleston or Tom Hardy, both would do epic jobs. They both have the accent, the shape, the style, the acting and the charisma.

Michael Fassbender

What is your pick for the next James Bond – agent 007 ?


Shocking news – Johnny Depp suffered a restraining order by the court after acusations of domestic violence on his wife, Amber Heard. Seriously, what are you taking Johnny ?

For some of you this may come as a shock, but for me, it does and it doesn’t, mainly due to that fact that he is just a nice man ( and of course an outstanding actor ) however he has a long history with alcohol and drugs and also a though life, so no wonder why it had to come to this.

Amber, while she was in court, showed a picture of her face bruised up from a beating that she took from him and demanded the divorce. In addition, she asked for a monthly monetary compensation, way to go Amber, ruin him ! ( just kidding )

Although, the actor’s spokesman replies that everything she claims is false and Depp even referentiates his mother’s death which happened one week ago, it seems that during their marriage, their relationship seemed a little sour, specially, because of Amber’s relationship with the actor’s family. As a matter of fact, the date in which she asks for the divorce matched the date of his mother’s death, who was living with them since the begining of the year.

All of this resulted in a restraining order declared by the court which Amber asked for, right now, neither side says anything.

Let’s see how does this affect the career of the actor that plays our beloved pirate – Jack Sparrow ! He just had a movie released – “Alice Through The Looking Glass” – for god’s sake !

What is your opinion on this out of nowhere matter ?



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