Wayward Pines S02E01 “Enemy Lines” – Review


Wayward Pines is back BABY ! It is nice to see that they renewed the tv show, it was just to be the season 1 which I think it is pretty stupid because the finale asked for more, however it was announced season 2 and I got super fired up  ( this show is written by M. Night Shyamalan, pretty weird, have you guys seen his recent movies ) ! So without furder ado let’s start with the review.

It seems that they are creating some kind of substitute for Ethan Burke and there are some things that I don’t like about that, for example, the fact that they need an adult hero when they could have the “kids” ( allow changes, don’t go back to the same formula ), the process of figuring out what is Wayward Pines appears again ( that is boring ) and it seems like they are reforming season 1 or at least inspire from it ( a lot ).

First of, we start to know who this new character is, a doctor named Theo who was having problems with his marriage with his wife and was picked up by Terrence Howard’s character back when Pilcher was “collecting people”. He woke up and was immediatly called to help on the hospital and while this happened he was completely lost and it bugs me why didn’t they just tell him ? He’s wife was already in WP and they didn’t win anything out of it, it just doesn’t make any sense.

Ben Burke has a group of rebelions that, of course, are the opressors of leader “b*tch face” – Jason Higgins – who I must say that he is a super bad ruler, Kate is right, he tries to do what Pilcher would have done but he just doesn’t know how to control everything and everyone. Although, still a Joffrey number 2 or Ramsh*t number 2, pick your poison.

As the episode moves on what we see is Theo questioning everything with his only focus being reaching his wife, Pilcher’s sister appears ( she is so fanatic ) and she is the most hardcore fan of Jason, Kate is in a hospital bed ( unfortunately ) and that Ben is a godawful rebelion leader. I mean, he doesn’t have a plan, he sits there doing nothing and at the end he even surrenders, what the f*ck ? So much for not letting your father’s death go in vain.

To clarify, he surrenders, when in the end of the episode Jason gathers up 3 people and starts to kill them in order to get the revealing of the rebellions ( I know that they killed one ) but do they really had to surrender, come on think it as sacrifices for a better Wayward Pines or at least fight for it. Nontheless, as this goes on, Theo is seeing everything and he reacts badly so he is taken in a van with Ben and the other undercover rebel to the wall in which the driver then opens it, puts the rock on the pedal and the van crashes into a tree. After that, the monster vampire zombies ( I don’t know what to call them ) appear and start to wreck the van and try to destroy the wall ( whick is impossible since is electrified ).

Thought, it is not all, someone died….and that person was……..drumrolls………KATE ! Wait what ? What the hell, why did they do that ? I actually get why they decided to kill her, she wasn’t going to do anything as soon as he got out of that hospital bed , also that death scene was unexpected and awesome – he talks to Pamela Pilcher of how the humans did great things in the past and how the future was going to become finalysing in a throat cut saying that she won’t become part of the future. Now, from my point of view, she should have cut Pamela’s neck first but only in a sense of the story because I don’t want her to die. Just think for a little bit, she would of have somewhat of a revenge and also gone with a sense of contribution to the world but she may have also thought that that was going to be a way out for Pamela, let this b*tch suffer here !

The ultimate question now is – how are they going to survive ? I was happy to see that they know what they are going to for this season…well, sort of, and even though this episode got some flaws it was still a very enjoyable one. What did you tought ? Do you like this new generation taking over ?

I rate : 7,8 / 10


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