Game Of Thrones S06E05 “The Door” – Review



Before I start, I didn’t post this review yesterday because I got some problems with my PC, so much, that I had to format it. But let’s forget that and get with it !

This season is having a really great pace so far, it seems, that every story will have a fantastic conclusion by the end of it. And this episode was perfect !

What I noticed from this chapter was that other stories got more invested, and the ones that I am talking about are, Bran, Arya, Littlefinger and the Greyjoy’s stories and surprisingly they all worked and were captivating.

The beginning of the episode saw in it a chat between Sansa and Littlefinger in which revolved around the fact that Littlefinger is the one that caused Sansa the suferring that she endured. A very intense and meaningfull scene ! After that she and Jon headed for the north soon as they made up a plan.

From Arya, you already know that I am not interested in her story, though somehow I enjoyed this sequence mainly because it seemed that it was progressing faster and, of course, that theater scene was very funny and nice to remember some great moments of GOT from the last seasons.

Now from Daenerys and Tyrion it was somewhat boring however it was pleasent to hear that Daenerys still cares about Jorah and wants him to get better from that disease. In case of the Tyrion part, we got a gracious speech between VARYS ( that is the name ) and a lord of light believer and, like I said, the loveliness of the scene came from the good and questionable points they threw at each other.

It is unbelievable that they managed to made the Iron Islands interesting with the king’s brother ( Euron ) proclaiming the throne oposing his nephews – Theon and Yara. He suceeded at persuading the people that granted him the ritual to become king but while that was happening Theon and Yara escaped with the whole fleet of the Iron Islands. Euron demanded to build ships to then attack and put his plan to practice, which is, as everyone, to rule the seven kingdoms but with Daenerys by his side…puffff…he wished .

Finally, what really got my attention and everyone as we are at it, was Bran’s story ! It started of with one of his visions ( obviously ) in which he saw the children of the forest putting a stake into a man’s heart, then we see his eyes change into blue, then we discover that the white walkers were created by them to fight against their threat – Men – interesting. The next vision that he has is of the white walkers in which the master touches Bran ( that was scary as f*ck ) that causes him to know Bran’s location. From that moment foward, awesomeness happened, the white walkers arrived and they were scary as hell, they managed to kill Bran’s werewolf ( tear me up a little bit ) and the three eyed raven, between all of this Hodor freaks out which makes the scene more stressfull and irritating but in a good way. Meera and the children of the forest ( despite dying at the end ) were so badass and cool in this scene ! Oh…and I forgot…as this unfolds, Bran is still having a vision of Hodor when he is still a teenager and it comes to a moment where his eyes turn white and he drops to the floor always screaming – hold the door – and as this happens Hodor ( adult ) is holding a door to prevent the white walkers ( he eventually dies ) to get out and reach Bran ( he is being carried by Meera ) and Meera is the one who screams to Hodor to hold the door. This words start to fade to – hodor – as he keeps screaming, it looks like his destiny was just to hold the door ( very intense and sad scene ). Maybe this sounded a little bit confusing but I am pretty sure you saw the scene. Gonna miss you Hodor !

Huge news, “Empire” is over so the series which I am going to review now it will be “Wayward Pines” I am so pumped up that it got renovated. Also, I am super excited for the next episode of GOT, as always !

I rant : 8,6 / 10


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