Empire S02E18 “Past Is Prologue” ( Season Finale ) – Review


What a finale ! This episode made me want to go to Fox studios and demand to see the first episode of season 3. Now, this one wasn’t as good as the previous but it got pretty close.Without furder ado, let’s start !

The main situation of the episode was , of course, Hakeem’s wedding. Despite that, we got a Jamal ( in a wheelchair ) broke inside and outside due to the shot ( literally ) of Freda, he even says that he’s done with singing until the “Lyon cycle” is broken. He is the one who takes care of the music of the wedding but surpasses some issues during that.

In relation to the music, it was decent, we heard V ( the return since season 1 ), Freda sang in the prison ( Lucious went to the prison saying that he had nothing to do with her father’s death and that she must do something for Jamal – song ) and the music preparations for the wedding.  A little weak, but then, very enjoyable !

Then Cookie meets up with Shyne, who is the only person that it isn’t worthy of being trusted and knows about the feds situation, to tell him not to snitch but he tells some  conditions including going to the wedding.

Throughout the episode it is shown images of Lucious’s father until the very end where he is shot in the face while Lucious is watching and then we discovered that he has a half brother, interesting !

Also , Rhonda saw Anika on Lucious’s office ( everyone was there ) and started to choke her… very cool…thinking that she was the one that pushed her of the stairs. Good start ! After that, there is a scene where Anika almost jumps from a building, however Cookie manages to stop her in a very clever and emotional speech.

In the finale, what happened basically, was the complete disaster of Hakeem’s wedding thanks to Shyne ( many people complained about his arrival ) creating huge problems which caused Laura to quit when she was coming down the altar. Then the Lyon family reunites, they all freak out and Lucious is obligated to marry Anika so that the feds leave them alone, Cookie doesn’t like that so she claims that she is tired and leaves, they marry with Andre assuming the job as the priest. Right on the end, Rhonda gets a confession of Anika that results in them fighting on the rooftop, Andre passes the door and one of them screams meaning that either Anika or Rhonda fell, the only question is who ? I personally, think is Rhonda, because Anika has a baby and he just got married to Lucious nonetheless it could be Anika, because it would impact the characters a lot and it would mean that she is no longer Lucious’s wife ( right know the only thing that would destroy that since Cookie and Lucious together is the best ).

And you, what did you think of the finale ? Did you like it ? Are you excited for season 3 ? I know I am ! 🙂

I rate : 8,1 / 10


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