Game Of Thrones S06E04 “Book Of The Stranger” – Review


Just to make it clear, I haven’t been spleeping much and it is already late, so forgive me for this lazy review of GOT ! I will reward you, I promise !

Finally, we got the reunion of one of the Stark family members – Jon and Sansa – it was amazing to see them come together. As the episode move foward, they received a letter sent by Lord Ramsh*t stating that if they don’t go to Winterfell to see their brother and “deliver” his wife ( Sansa ), he will go to the Night’s Watch and kill everyone, basically. Sansa says to Jon that he should reunite as many soldiers of the North as he can get to defeat the Warden of the *ss and regain their home.

And speaking of Ramsay, what he did was kill the woman that kept care of Riccon ( I don’t remember her name ), she tried to strike him with the knife but it backfired and it ended her with a knife on the throat.

Littlefinger returns to the Vale and proposes to go meet with lady Sansa to…honestly, I am sorry, but I can’t remember ( I am so sleepy right now ) I think you know what.

Tyrion negotiates with Mereen’s enemies into leave slaving people but that comes only in 7 years and the people are disgusted and tired of that. So Tyrion seems to be having problems ruling Mereen, think Tyrion !

From King’s Landing, Marjorie had a little chat with the High Sh*t and meet up with his brother – Sir Loras – also Cersei and Jamie came up with a plan of destroying the Sparrows by attacking him when the “nude walk” happens to Marjorie. Can’t wait to see that !

Reek goes back to the Iron Islands and says to his sister that she will become the ruler of and that he will help him.

Finally, I guess I don’t know if I forgot something, we watched the two guys ( I am sick of not remembering the f*cking names ) that are trying to rescue Daenerys infiltrate the city where they actually find Khaleesi ( because you know I though that it was gonna take longer ). Yay ! And then the last part was just epic, she was in the room where she had her baby in the first season, and she delivered the most epic line – “You’re not going to serve me, You’re going to die” giving a perfect conclusion, or somewhat of a conclusion to this hateful city and with a badass attittude and a beautiful shot where they all kneel to her and also the fact that she uses fire against her enemies without her dragons is super awesome. I am glad she didn’t spend the whole season here ! Let’s see what is next for her, maybe, go help Tyrion and move to King’s Landing.

I think this episode was more of a establishment of what is going to happen for the rest of the season in each stories with a total new perspective not that that is a bad thing because as a matter of fact I found this episode very good. What is your opinion on this chapter ?

I rate : 8,0 / 10


10 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones S06E04 “Book Of The Stranger” – Review

  1. Great review. I’ve been underwhelmed so far this season, thought the writing has been getting worse. But this episode had a lot of nice moments, and it looks like the Dany storyline could actually pay off.

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