My Top 10 Movie Villains…So Far

Here it is yet again another one of my lists, I know it has been 3 weeks but I think that this list will make up for that time. Take notice that this was a very hard one to do, specially, since there are so many movies that I haven’t seen with so great villains ( that is why I write “So Far” ) so don’t judge me.

Here are some honorable mentions :

  • Magneto
  • Mystique
  • Agent Smith
  • Patrick Bateman
  • Jack Torrance
  • Bane

10. Pan’s Labyrinth – Captain Vidal


To start of with the list, I picked an extremist, cold, heartless and obssessed with power person. This man is the embodyment of a dictator and he kills whoever he wants ( specially if you anger him ), that is evil right there ! His death scene felt so good !

9. Inglorious Bastards – Hans Landa


Now you can’t have a movie villains list without a nazi in it so here it is. Another masterpiece of Quentin Tarantino, Hans is what made me like Christopher Walken, he is smart, unsentimental, skilled and a master manipulater. You didn’t want to meet this guy during the war, believe me !

8. The Usual Suspects – Keyser Soze


“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” ! This man right here caught everyone of guard, with him revealing that he was Keyser Soze all along, I still remember my reaction – watching him walk like a crippled man and then he starts to walk normally – only sh*t I can’t believe this, it was him. He not only tricked them but all of us too, Kevin Spacey, you are the man !

7. Die Hard – Hans Gruber


RIP Alan Rickman ! His first job in a movie was on this and let me tell you that he killed the role. He is ruthless, inteligent and very focused on his objetive, John McClane had a hard time with him too, and also look at his name, epic villain name. He defined the villains that came after him !

6. Spiderman ( 2002 ) – Green Goblin


Come on, don’t berate me, this freak scared me a lot when I was a kid, also, William Dafoe did an outstanding job ! I liked Spiderman so much that time and whenever Goblin showed up I loved to see Spidey beating his ass and the last boss battle was amazing but very dark being another reason that scared me, ( I was a real chicken ).

5. Marvel Cinematic Universe – Loki


When I saw “Thor”, I didn’t know he was going to be a villain but when it did, I absolutely loved it ! Even though you are not supposed to cheer for the bad guy, this is an high exception, he is funny, awesome, smug, smart, his reasons are justified and actually very relatable ( at least sometimes – I AM NOT A BAD PERSON ). He is the reason that I am excited to see “Thor : Ragnarok” proving that he is the best villain from the MCU ( so far…let’s see how bad you really are Thanos ).

4. Silence Of The Lambs – Hannibal Lecter


You may see him as a psycho but I see him as just a different person in terms of taste in food, what I am saying he is crazy and creepy as f*ck ! He is vicious, very inteligent, manipulative and hungry too, at first I liked him because he was helping the protagonist ( clarice ) but soon as he escaped my heart skipped and felt so bad about the people that took the last bite…see what I did there. Look at the picture so epic !

3. The Lion King – Scar


The best animated movie villain voiced by the marvelous Jeremy Irons was the reason for me crying during an animated movie ( Mufasa’s death ), how is that possible ?. After that I was so angry and shocked that I didn’t know what to think, in addition, his henchman – the hyenas – were so scary and irritating too me back then but also somewhat of funny. So yeah, him being so bad and focus to reach for the throne made his defeat more satisfying ! However, I must say that the bad guy song was so catchy and awesome !

2. No Country Old Men – Anton Chigurh


Maybe this is an odd choice for number 2, but if you already watched this movie, you know where I am coming from. I have so many adjetives to describe this guy – he is cold as ice, he doesn’t have any feelings, he kills everyone that gets into his way, he uses his brain like no other, he doesn’t rest until his objetive is done and an all around psychopath ( during the movie everytime he was trying to kill his target I felt hard intense chills ). Also, he is one of the rare cases where the bad guy actually wins !

1. The Dark Knight – Joker


This is the 4th time a “The Dark Knight” entry makes it to number 1 but that just means of how good this movie is. So, how should I start ? Maybe by saying that Joker is the perfect villain, he is the best planner there is, his brain must be gigantic ’cause he comes up with such mind – blowing schemes, an anarchist, a psycho, funny, crazy as f*ck, scary and a suicidal. Joker and Batman really are the yin and the yang ! Strangely he is the most likeable villain of all time, Heath Ledger just solidify that even more ( after Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of him ) and now let’s see if Jared Leto does the same thing but with Harley Quin by his side it seems like a whole new step. #Joker4life ( please do not think that I am psycho for some comments I am just analysing each atributes you know ).


So, which villain scared you the most ? Or which made you hate him the most ?


8 thoughts on “My Top 10 Movie Villains…So Far

  1. Good list. The Joker is definitely number one but I’d have Norman Bates, Voldemort and Candie from Django Unchained in there somewhere. Anton Chigurh was a really good pick I didn’t think off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The thing is that I haven’t seen either the Harry potter movies ( only some ) and psycho. In relation to candie I wasn’t able to put it even though DiCaprio did an exceptional job ! But thank you 🙂


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