Captain America : Civil War – Review


Fortunately, I was able to see this movie earlier than I thought so why not make a review about it. Let’s start know or I will just fill more of your time with me saying stuff…oh look I am already doing it…sorry !

I was expecting a great flick and what I got was exactly that ! Everything was well done, the premise, the evolution and the interaction of the characters, the story was justifiable and the fight scenes were excellent.

Basically, what happens is that there is a political interference in the Avengers activities which causes a rift between Captain America and Iron Man.

What I liked the most was Spiderman, Tom Holland is the perfect Peter Parker, he is funny, has a great physique for the character and he is an actual teenager. In addition, the dialogue with him and Tony was priceless !

What I disliked the most was just Captain America and Bucky, but that isn’t a problem of the movie since it is just my “taste” on the characters, for me they are boring and so egostistical. Now don’t slap me, it is just my opinion, also the story between cap and bucky and the motherf*cking soviets is played out already, though it was still a very enjoyable film. Then again everything was well calculated !

In relation to the rest, I absolutely loved Black Panther, and again I have to mention that the fight sequences, specially, the one that they all fight was perfect ! It lasted a good amount of time with cool visuals, funny dialogue, great interactions and really hooking action. However, I was with Iron Man all the time, I am glad Spiderman and Black Panther was on his side.

Overall, for me, it was the best Marvel movie to date, with everything pointed to perfection, now let’s if “Infinity War” can do even better. You keep going Russo Brothers !

Before I finish, I want to tell you that I won’t be reviewing “Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice” since it came out a long time ago and I haven’t even seen it and I plan to do it on the summer vacation just to fully enjoy it without school, so, see you tomorrow with a GOT review.

I rate : 8,4 / 10


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