Assassin’s Creed trailer – what a surprise !


Hey everyone, you must be saying – finally a post that is not a review, YEAH ! – well, I completely agree with you, I have been very boring and inactive but school is the one to blame. Nevertheless I am back with new stuff and I have already a list almost made up with some great content that I think that you are gonna like so be sure to pass here tomorrow. 😉

Now, I picked the “Assassin’s Creed” trailer to do a rant on because there is not that much happening in the cinema world except the Cannes Festival and I am going to talk about that later so what you see is what you get.

For a start of, I never played an “Assassin’s Creed” game however I know almost everything about it and from the trailer it seems like it is going to be, at least, an entertaining movie, respectful to its source material.

Although, it could be just like every movie based on a video game, a total flop ! Although again, the cast is awesome joined with the likes of Michael Fassbender in the lead role and Marion Cotillard ( I like her so much ) one of the best actresses of this generation.

The trailer looks awesome and just like the game ( in some parts ), the fight scenes look stunning, the lines are epic and the whole movie looks marvelous, though the music is not that good, I mean Kanye West, really ? Let’s hope that the movie isn’t full of these music. Props to the final part of the trailer – classic jumping of AC and a touch of epicness.

Concluding, the director was the same that directed “Macbeth” ( came out last year ), I don’t know if you watched ( I didn’t ), but it got decent reviews, let’s see if this gets better ones. Overall I am super excited, shame the movie only comes out in December.



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