Empire S02E17 “Rise By Sin” – Review


AMAZING ! This episode literally blew me away ! So much happened in such an impactful way !

So, let’s start ! Basically, what really saw a progress was Freda’s story and Lucious’s mom or should I say Dwight’s mom.

As far as the others go, we got a worry sentiment of being left out by Laura in relation to her music, even Hakeem said that her career wasn´t as as he or she expected and also on the ASA awards ( I will get there later ) she was asked to move way from Hakeem on the red carpet only to take pictures of him. Ouch ! What a low blow !

Rhonda faced Anika about the person who pushed her of the stairs but in an indirect way and in the end it didn’t showed how did Anika reacted.

There was a song that Jamal and Freda were working on with D – Major watching and reviewing even proposing to him to be his next producer, then later they go to the studio and as they join heads Lucious enters D – Major pushes Jamal, you know because he is not gay to the rest of the world but as it looks Lucious already knew he was gay.

After that we saw one of the greatest dialogues in a tv show with a great chemistry between Lucious and Jamal where they discuss the fact about him being gay and how Lucious tries to understand and support him and Jamal replies that he does not look like he does that. They both mention the trash can incident and the things that Lucious’s mother did to him resulting in Lucious grabbing Jamal’s neck and almost punching him. Talk about family issues !

In addition, when Jamal goes to talk with Cookie this discussion she ends up telling him that Jamal was the one that killed Freda’s father since he mention her in the conversation asking him to get away from her, the feds are on to the case again.

Cookie also had some issues with her sister, Carol, due to the fact that she was going to have a date with a fed which puts Cookie on “alert mode” ending up with her meeting the fed and tell not to mess with her family.

The ASA awards are about to start and Andre wants to take his grandmother to the show however Lucious sends his lawyer to certificate that his mother doesn’t go and ruins the show so he traps him both in a chamber with tv’s on it to at least see the show.

Now on the ASA awards show it is where everything happens, every story is touched ( including a scene very important where Jamal says to Freda to get away of Empire ) and Carol, drunk as hell, hijacks the interviews resulting in telling Freda something suspicios about Lucious and his father which gave a little light to Freda’s mind finally coming to senses that Lucious killed his father in prison. She takes a security guard’s gun and as he points to Lucious Jamal stands in his way and takes the shot and he is taken to the hospital.

The episode ended with Lucious’s mother being interviewed by the paparazzis as she leaves the hospital  claiming that she is a member of the family.

This episode was by far one of the best of the season, the only question is, will the season finale be even better ?

I rate : 8,4 / 10


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